The Top Fake Plants of 2020

The Best Fake Plants for Inside and Tips That is Perfect for all Beginners

A pandemic has engulfed the world and we are all in a temporary state of lockdown. People are finding ways to pass time in isolation and gardening has always been touted as a relaxing recreational activity at home. However, not everyone has a green thumb so turn to evergreen artificial plants - It keeps your room decorated for a fraction of the price. There are various articles and stores online, yet choosing fake plants for inside can still be challenging. If you are looking for a natural element to your home, you are on the right page.

Here are the best fake plants for inside and tips that is perfect for all beginners out there:

  1. To bring outdoors inside: Artificial Hanging Ivy Garland Vines (Hanging Plants)

This is one of the best artificial plants and an exceptionally cheap fake plant option. Few plants have the graceful allure of hanging vines.

These faux vines make great houseplants, an ideal fake plant for inside.

You can place this in an existing hanging pot or arrange it in your work-from-home station setup. It really stands out to bring the outdoors inside. 

Always remember that this is a faux plant that may fade in the sun, so it’s best for shady porches or indoor use.

Artificial Hanging Ivy Garland
  1. To liven up your space: Split Philodendron (Split Leaf)

A fake Split Philodendron makes your home or office more attractive with its beautiful unique leaf patterns. This stunning plant has a lot of deep holes in its huge leaves. They will help improve the aesthetics and grace of your indoor space with a jungle-like beauty.

This will certainly make the perfect addition to any walkway or corner of both home, and office settings. It can also play a great role in sentiments and moods in energizing people and encouraging them to work relentlessly to achieve goals. Split philodendrons have been the best selling fake plant of 2020 across both Melbourne and Sydney.

Split Philodendron artificial plants

 3. For tabletop and home office: Butterfly Artificial Potted Orchid White  

This stunning Artificial Orchid (White) will keep your table decorated for a fraction of the cost compared to fresh bouquets. Specifically popular for interior designers because of its dainty and sophisticated look. 

Butterfly Orchid artificial plants


Absolutely one of the best fake plants for inside in the market today that makes a lush addition to any home.  

  1. To curb trailing appeal:  Faux English Hanging Basket

It’s no secret that in the world of home decor, fake hanging plants are really having a moment. Artificial Hanging plants or fake plant baskets can be as simple as a single type of plant, or you can mix and match a variety of flowers and plants for maximum impact.

Plants with small foliage and flowers add a touch of subtlety indoors. Bushy trailing fake plants works best as a show-stopper plant for your living room. Airier plants, on the other hand, are better if you don’t want to maintain long leaves and prefer a minimalist look.

artificial Hanging Basket

There are various designs you can choose from. Make sure that your fake hanging plants complement your home, reflect the tone and location.

Do you need some expert guidance to assist you in choosing lifelike artificial plants to help you nail the art of incorporating the underrated, low-maintenance beauties into your home decor?

Contact us and set up an appointment that is safe and socially responsible.  

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