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A Guide to Choose the Best Realistic Faux Plants & How to Maintain It

A Guide to Choose the Best Realistic Faux Plants & How to Maintain It - Designer Vertical Gardens

I have been traveling in Asia for the past ten (10) days and noticed that usage of artificial vertical garden is uptrend.

artificial Vertical Garden

More and more establishments –mainly restaurants, hotels, and malls were hooked in the installation of the artificial green wall, plants, as well as hedges. Hence, many people in the urban area are also interested to have such kind of indoor & outdoor decors at home.

Well, let me tell you that whether you are living in a place with having a low-light and have limited space, premium artificial plants will offer you a great solution for a hassle-free décor.

Here’s a helpful guide to assist you in choosing realistic faux plants to help you nail the art of incorporating the underrated, low-maintenance beauties into your home decor.


People misjudge the beauty of how decorating with artificial plants can easily brighten your home. You have to list down your desired plants so you can strategically place your artificial plants to simulate the greenery vibes indoors and outdoors.

artificial vertical garden


Getting the best materials as your décor will saves effort and money. When you go to faux decors be sure to commit and get the top-shelf materials, believe me, this is an investment! This is because their beauty will last longer than you expected. Some best faux are not that expensive, you just have to search properly. (visit this store and maximize their discount Artificial plants )

The best artificial plant can also trick you visitors that you have a green thumb because such kind of plants is realistic.


In choosing faux plants, choices are limitless. One large faux fern and fake ivy with lots of lush foliage will make such an impact in your indoor décor especially if you installed it in your artificial green wall. Whereas, cacti and succulents are easy to keep anywhere in the house, possibly in a bookshelf, coffee table, etc.

artificial plants


Modern plastic plants work so well, which is that they mimic the look of certain live plants. If you do still want to keep some live plants around as well, you can also mix the faux plants with the real plants. You can even try using your faux plant outside if you live somewhere with a mild climate.

artificial plants


High-quality faux plants can’t be withered and EASY to maintain, here are some tips you can use: 

artificial plants 
  1. Redecorate and re-pot some plants to give it a new brand look. The biggest trick here is to treat your fake plant like a real plant.
  2. If you do nothing else, the very best thing you can do to maintain the believability of your fake flora is to keep it clean. Give your fake plants a regular wipe-down to keep a layer of dust from giving away all your secrets.

So have you decided to get yourself artificial plants? Contact your green wall supplier NOW!

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