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Premium Real Touch Artificial Bamboo 150cm

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✔️ Tested Durable Materials
✔️ Natural Colors
✔️ Safely Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly
✔️ Easy Setup Pre-Assembled Design
✔️ Hand Made, Quality Assured
✔️ Advanced RealTex Technology

Introducing Effortless Greenery 
We get it. Sometimes real plants just won’t work.

Introducing our exciting artificial bamboo. It starts with the low-maintenance dense foliage that reaches skyward for a cosy, private jungle getaway vibe. Smooth, thin leaves feature natural curves, wavy stem grooves, and light green variegation. Eight proud trunks display growth rings, real cane textures, and natural curves, superglued for stability. Freshly sprouting leaf stems and trunk sprouting add realism. Realistic stems, lacquered natural cane, and a clean soil-look pot complete this energizing piece. It’s no surprise the most common reaction we get is ‘is that real?’


  • Tested Durable Materials
  • Natural Colours
  • Safely Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Setup Pre-Assembled Design
  • Hand Made, Quality Assured
  • Advanced RealTex Technology

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Estimated delivery between July 20 and July 23.

At Last… Tropical Without-the-Danger Large Artificial Bamboo for Indoors

Love Houseplants but Have Pets? Busy houseplant serial killer?

Get ready to transform your life with carefree houseplants.

It’s tough. Houseplants and trees look great but they’re hard to keep alive - let alone grow. Worse yet - according to the Family Institute at Northwestern University being around anything dying, that feels like your fault, isn’t likely to improve your mood. How much better would you feel with plants that never die?

You’ll be amazed. With your new Artificial Bamboo tree you’ll have:

  1. Effortless, year-round stunning houseplants: Picture this: a lush, vibrant oasis in your home all year round, no sweat! Overwhelmed, always on-the-go, or just not a green thumb? No worries! This enchanting faux Bamboo is here to save the day. It'll flourish in even the darkest, most plant-unfriendly nooks.
  2. Pocket the Savings: Did you know you can save some serious cash too? Constantly buying new plants because the old ones kicked the bucket is like pouring money down the drain! Not to mention the cost of fertilizer, water, or time. According to OnePoll, people spend about $350 a year on houseplants, but only 40% make it out alive. So why not invest in your future and treat yourself to a thriving, evergreen paradise without breaking the bank? Smart, huh?
  3. Safety: Guess what else? You can enjoy the excitement of a jungle vibe without any risks! Keep yourself, your pets, and your loved ones safe with this non-toxic, hypoallergenic faux plant. It won't wilt, shed leaves, need soil, or bring in any pesky, illness-spreading bugs. Say goodbye to spraying harmful chemicals around your home, fretting over your furry friends nibbling on it, or dealing with sneezes and itchiness. It's a worry-free wonderland!
  4. Eco-friendly: Here’s another cool thing: these faux bamboos are eco-friendly! Feel that warm, fuzzy pride knowing they have a lower carbon footprint since there's no need for greenhouses or resources to keep 'em looking fab. And guess what? Bamboos are one of the most invasive species on Earth. Now you won't have to stress about plants going wild, messing with the ecosystem, or invading your neighbour’s yard. It's a win-win for you and Mother Nature!
  5. Impress onlookers: You've gotta hear this! Sure, the plant is fake, but it's so incredibly lifelike that you and your guests will be asking, Wait, is that real? You'll all be reaching out to touch it, still second-guessing yourselves! The only bummer is having to admit it's not real. But hey, it's a great way to show off your fun side and help everyone chill out. Time to impress!

Details of the Premium Real Touch Artificial Bamboo 150cm

  • Dimensions: Just picture this fabulous bamboo tree standing tall at 150cm (160-170cm at its highest point), nestled in a sleek 13cm high / 17cm across black pot (15 cm at the base), with its leaves spreading out in a lush, customisable, 60cm radius.
  • Weight: It’s dense and full, yet it’s totally portable. You know how it is, moving houseplants can be such a pain – they’re delicate, messy, and one wrong move can leave you with a disaster on your hands! This beauty weighs a sturdy 4-5kg, making it just the right balance of stability and portability.
  • Materials: These bamboos are made with a lovely mix of natural cane and top-notch RealTex plastic, giving them a genuine feel. The simple pots use plastic and strong cement filling to ensure steadiness. Enjoy the charming blend of nature and modern materials in these captivating bamboos.
  • Indoors/outdoors: These beautiful bamboos are perfect for brightening up indoor spaces, and with a little help from our UV protection spray, they can effortlessly transition outdoors as well. Just keep in mind that they aren't weatherproof on their own. But no worries, they’re suitable for around chlorine pools, so they're ready to join your indoor or outdoor adventures.
  • Technology: Created with state-of-the-art faux plant manufacturing techniques and the skilled touch of our talented craftspeople, these bamboos achieve an incredibly lifelike appearance that's as close to the real thing as synthetic materials can get. Enjoy the captivating beauty they bring to your space, making it feel cosy and welcoming.
  • Goes Well With: It's the perfect tropical decor if you live by the beach, or even if you've got a pool! Need to fill an awkward corner? No problem! Want to indulge in endless DIY fun? Add a basket, stand, or decorative pot for a little height, and toss in some rocks for extra realism and stability. Imagine it twinkling with mini lights! Want to fool everyone? Pair it with real plants and no one will know the difference! Mix and match with other faux greenery or real plants to create a lush, diverse look that feels like nature's embrace. Add a touch of intimacy with the right hue light, some nearby statues, or even a fountain for an artsy, elegant vibe. Need help with design? Let us help you craft your perfect scene today!
  • Design: Introducing our charming artificial bamboo, boasting dense, bushy leaves with upward trajectories for a jungle vibe. Smooth, thin leaves feature natural curves, wavy stem indentations, and light green variegation. Eight main trunks display rings, actual cane textures, and elegant curves, superglued for stability. Sprouting leaf stems and trunk sprouting add realism. Realistic plastic stems, natural lacquered cane, and a fresh soil-look pot complete this enchanting, compact piece.
  • Assembly: Assembly is a breeze – in under 5 minutes, you can untie, fluff, and shape your new treasure. The leaves come sturdily attached. Just enjoy the fun, creative process of finding the perfect angle that suits your space just right. It's never been easier to add a pop of green magic!
  • Packaging: These beauties come in long, narrow boxes with padding and a protective cover to keep them snug and safe. No need to worry about damage or mess – they'll arrive in perfect condition, ready to brighten up your space!
  • Disposal: Concerned about waste? No problem! Just bring them back to our showroom and we'll happily recycle them for you. It's our way of keeping things green and giving back to the environment, all while making your space gorgeous!
  • Cleaning: Cleanable with a simple swipe of a damp cloth and our Artificial Plant Cleaner. Give yourself a quick feeling of accomplishment.

Faux bamboos are super helpful. We came across a heartwarming story about a grandma who switched to fake plants because she couldn’t care for real ones. She left them to her daughter, who also struggled with keeping plants alive. The daughter still has all those faux plants today! Pretty amazing, right? Faux bamboo can mean a lot to people.

Our hundreds of happy customers think so too. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our case studies, or testimonials under this description. Be part of the countless others who made the Designer decision to add some class to their life and add to their collection our hand-made bamboos - produced by a team with multi decades of experience combined professionally designing spaces with artificial greenery. Quality is guaranteed.

Act fast – as the largest artificial plants supplier in Australia these trees tend to disappear overnight. Get your foot in the door and buy now!


Product Specifications

  • Size:
    • Height: ~165cm max (150cm resting)
    • Width: ~60cm
  • Pot Size:
    • Height: 13cm
    • Width: 17cm top, 15cm bottom
  • Weight: ~4.5kg 
  • Material: 
    • RealTex Plastic
    • Cement faux soil
    • Real bamboo cane
  • UV Resistance: No
  • Usage: Indoor or Outdoor with UV Spray
  • Type: Bamboo

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