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Fake Ivy Roll Artificial Hedge Panel Roll with Shade Cloth Backing 3m x 1m for Instant privacy

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✔️ Instant privacy for you and your family
✔️ Great value coverage that can't be beaten
✔️ Aesthetically pleasing results that will make your home look fantastic

An exceptional solution to transforming your drab fence into a stunning green oasis within minutes. Quickly regain your privacy with a highly affordable and easy to install product that will provide instant results.

  • Instant privacy for you and your family
  • Great value coverage that can't be beaten 
  • Aesthetically pleasing results that will make your home look fantastic
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Estimated delivery between July 15 and July 18.

Our artificial ivy wall shade cloth roll gives you the ultimate in privacy, shade and dust reduction | Care-Free, No-fuss | Easy Install | UV resistant

  • This Ivy leaf artificial hedge covering is the latest in vertical garden design. It features a densely woven decorative UV resistant fake ivy wall backed onto a high-quality shade cloth.  
  • Create instant privacy and all-weather protection in minutes, with no ongoing maintenance or watering required to keep it looking good! The decorative leaves will help beautify any space by providing a lush green backdrop that will impress everyone.
  • This artificial ivy wall is simple to install using cable ties or screws and measures 3m x 1m. It easily connects to others with no gaps for the most realistic coverage.

Fences, railing and walls are by their nature quite ugly things. Yet they are a necessary feature of modern life as they help to protect and define spaces. Planting creepers and trailing plants like ivy is one way of softening their drab features but if you’re not blessed with the patience, time or green thumb to grow them - what are you supposed to do?

Our latest fake ivy wall combines the beauty of nature with the practicality of shade cloth to give you instant greenery, privacy and all-weather protection in minutes. The unique design of this outdoor artificial green wall roll features a dense weave of gorgeously green ivy leaves on one side that will transform any space. On the other side, a high quality UV resistant shade cloth gives you the ultimate protection against dust, wind or prying eyes.

The artificial ivy roll with shade cloth is easy to install and once it’s up you can say goodbye to the hassle of its live cousins. No more watering. No more pruning to keep growth in check. No more bugs and pests to worry about. The UV treatment means it won’t fade or crack in the harsh sun, so its evergreen beauty will last for years and years making this the ideal artificial hedge. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - this is the cost-effective gardening product of your dreams!

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