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Hanging Green Ivy Bush - 100cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial garden wall plants artificial green wall installation
Hanging Green Ivy Bush - 100cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial garden wall plants artificial green wall installation



UV Hanging Pink Rose - 85cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial garden wall plants artificial green wall australia



Buy Multi-Purpose Ivy Hedge and Wall roll:

Add natural beauty to your interiors and exteriors with our beautiful range of. These ivy rolls are made of high-quality materials that ensure longevity and beauty. Fake ivy roll combines the beauty of nature with the practicality of shade cloth to give you instant greenery, privacy and all-weather protection in minutes.

These stunning artificial ivy rolls are also available for wholesale orders; a cost-effective solution for commercial property owners. The fake ivy wall roll can be easily cleaned via light dusting or using a damp cloth. Now, you can have the highly coveted ornamental fake ivy roll, which has the combination of beauty, luxury, and strength without maintenance.

These are the Type of Artificial Fake Ivy Rolls we have in Stock:

Fake Ivy Roll Artificial Hedge Panel Roll with Shade Cloth:

This artificial ivy panel covering is the latest in vertical garden design. It features a densely woven decorative UV resistant fake ivy wall backed onto a high-quality shade cloth. It gives you instant privacy and all-weather protection right away without any maintenance requirement. This artificial ivy wall is simple to install using cable ties or screws and measures 3m x 1m. It easily connects to other artificial walls with no gaps for the most realistic coverage Fake Ivy Hedge Roll Camellia Leaf:

A perfect way to transform your drab fence into a stunning green oasis in no time. The Fake Ivy Hedge Roll with Camellia Leaf allows you to regain your privacy. It gives you instant results at an affordable price. Our Fake Ivy Roll Camellia Leaf is weather resistant and UV treated to ensure its looks never fade. It requires no watering, pruning or shaping making it the best option for residential and commercial properties.

Boston Ivy Leaf Panel:

Our Boston Ivy leaf Panel is easy to install and gives you a long-lasting outdoor screening solution. These artificial ivy panels can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are made with long-lasting UV resistant materials. The 50cm x 50cm panel is also inter-connectable.

Double Sided Fake Ivy Rolls:

This artificial ivy fence roll is great for patios, balconies, cyclone fences, privacy screenings and decorating. The extremely simple to install artificial ivy roll is the perfect choice when it comes to enhancing your privacy and outlook instantly. Each roll simply requires cable ties or staples to attach it to most fences, or walls. Once installed the ivy roll will have foliage that is visible from both sides by using an internal mesh frame that allows the leaves to move with the wind to replicate a natural ivy screen.

Features of Our Fake Ivy Wall Roll:

  • Some of our most impressive small detailing
  • Draws everyone’s attention and creates beauty
  • Helps you achieve required privacy
  • Decorative modern ivy roll enhances the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of your property
  • Natural ivy is extremely hard to maintain but with these life-like artificial ivy rolls you certainly won’t have to worry. 
  • Fake ivy wall rolls are designed to impress and whether you use it yourself or gift it you’ll be very happy with the aesthetics they offer.
  • Made with superior quality material, this is the perfect choice for a zero-maintenance indoor and outdoor fake ivy roll that reflects current design trends.

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