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UV Protection Spray for Artificial Plants 1 Litre - Artificial green walls and fake plants

Long-lasting UV Protection Spray for artificial plants & fake vertical garden walls 1 Litre

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Protect your artificial plants & vertical garden designs from the sun | Easy to apply | Long lasting |  Non toxic | Odour free | Environmentally friendly

  • Keep artificial plants, green walls and your vertical garden designs looking fresh and new with our reliable and heavy duty UV spray that provides instant and long lasting protection from the harsh Australian sun.
  • The simple spray application goes on in seconds and protects your artificial plants’ & fake vertical wall garden’s beauty and colour.
  • Perfect for any plant that is exposed to sunlight including those inside, on patios and balconies as the spray has been specially formulated to be non toxic, odour free and environmentally friendly.


As Australians,we are used to protecting ourselves and our families from the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to our skin. While artificial plants are designed to be more maintenance free than their natural cousins, they also require a similar level of protection to avoid permanent damage. What could be more frustrating than seeing your statement artificial green wall panel’s vibrant colour fade or its leaves crack and yellow? 


A quick once over with our specially formulated UV spray will help prevent this. It’s been especially formulated to provide instant and long-lasting coverage while being non toxic and environmentally friendly.The non yellowing spray dries quickly and is quick and simple to apply. Use it on any inside plant that is exposed to sunlight including those on windowsills and under skylights. Mix things up by moving interior artificial plants to positions outside, safe in the knowledge that their natural good looks won’t fade!