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Creating A High Impact Welcome To Clients & Staff

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Our Client

Arterial Group set out to refurbish their office space and create a stunning new modern look to offer an uplifted atmosphere. They wanted to create a vibrant office space to leave a lasting impression on the minds of their staff and visitors.

The company was looking for an aesthetically pleasing solution that required no ongoing maintenance, and would be a permanent statement piece for all to enjoy.

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The Project

Refurbishing the office was no easy task. Arterial Group wanted to give it a fresh new touch while keeping the maintenance costs in check. The backdrop to the staircase was plain and dull with nothing being added to the overall ambience of the commercial space.

Arterial Group was specifically looking for an artificial green solution with minimal maintenance, life-like plants, and a hassle-free setup. This is where we came in with ideas and solutions that astonished them from the get-go.

Due to the heights involved scaffolding, and a specialised team of installers were required to ensure both safety during the installation process and perfection in the design outcome.

The Product

One glance through the Designer Vertical Gardens catalogue and the client found what they had been searching for. After just a few sessions with our design team, we came up with the perfect solution for creating a stunning backdrop at the staircase for the Arterial Group office space.

Our exceptionally lush and dense Garden of Eden indoor Artificial Green Wall Panel made the perfect addition to the client's interior. Arterial Group finalised on Garden of Eden Vertical Garden, which is one of our ultimate premium artificial green walls.

The Solution

The Designer Vertical Gardens team helped select the right design and cut it into the perfect shape and lengths required to cover up the wall that had been selected. Once the design was completed, the installation team worked over multiple days with scaffolding while ensuring that the work was done with minimal downtime and no damage to the existing structures around the office.

The final outcome was exactly what was sought, a beautiful office fitout without any ongoing work being required again!