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How to Join Artificial Flower Wall Panels Together

Step 1: Place your artificial flower wall panels on the ground, as shown below with the flowers facing down and backing facing up towards you.

Step 2: Line the flower wall hole and lug up and push the lug through the hole. Ensure you connect each artificial flower wall lug.

Step 3: In order to ensure your faux flower wall panels remain firmly connected, proceed to cable tie each panel together. 3 cable ties per panel are recommended, which will allow you to keep them firmly connected, but also easily disconnect later if you wish to resize your flower wall.

Step 4: You can then proceed to cut the excess part of the cable tie off the flower wall panel.

Step 5: Once you have followed the steps above, your panels are now connected and ready to use.

Step 1: Connect the required number of flower wall panels together.

Step 2: Proceed in the top corner of your event stand to align your flower wall panels (ensuring you don’t see any of the stand frame), then proceed to cable tie the panel to the frame. You can add cable ties at 50cm intervals.

Hint: If you are unable to reach the top of the stand you can place it down on the ground.

Step 3: Once you have cable tied the flower walls onto the screen / event stand proceed to cut the excess cable tie end off.

Step 4: Proceed to stand in front of the stand for fancy photos, and enjoyable moments.