Installation of White Lily Vertical Garden Panel at AIIMS Digital Marketing Agency

Enhancing Aiims Digital Marketing Agency Fit-out with Green Wall Panels


Our Client

AIIMS Digital Marketing Agency is a renowned digital marketing agency operating in various parts of Asia mainly in Australia, New Zealand, and China. With nothing but their impressive entrepreneurial and technical knowledge of the digital market plus their excellent people skills, a group of five talented people founded this company that would soon be well-known throughout Australia and New Zealand.

AIIMS’ primary purpose is to minimize if not entirely eliminate the gap in the digital space for an agency to develop and guide Subject Matter Experts in Australia to become effective leaders. The pioneers are focused to help out SMEs better understand the digital platforms and create customized models and strategies that would best suit their needs.

This digital market has taken and experienced its fair amount of beating and backlash over the past years and many have drifted off into the background. With a significant amount of experience, lessons, opportunities, and even failures in their past under their arsenal, AIIMS has created a model plan that works as long as you “Trust in the Process”.

The Project

The company, being a marketing agency, highly values its image and brand. They recently renovated their headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and decided they wanted to make their office space not only aesthetically pleasing but also to look lively and comforting.

The team strongly believes that adding some greenery and garden walls would make the environment light and easy thus becoming more productive and efficient. Well, they aren’t wrong. Green walls and luscious green plants tend to have a calming and soothing effect on people making them relaxed and less stressed. Who wouldn’t want to attend a meeting while surrounded by garden walls filled with leaves and flowers? The best plan was to get the artificial kind that would keep its realistic form and shape without having to tend to it frequently.

The Product

Among all our different artificial vertical gardens available, the White Lily Vertical Garden Panel caught their eye. One of our bestsellers, this artificial vertical garden wall is composed of pre-arranged vibrant, luscious green grass and an array of stems. And scattered in a bed of thick green foliage are these beautiful, realistic white lilies that can easily capture your attention. Little specks of white in a sea of green enhances its distinction even more.

This fake vertical wall garden is very pleasing to the eyes no matter what time of day it is. Even after a long day at the office, one look at this gorgeous wall would spruce you right back up.

The Solution

The team decided to put up artificial green walls on every room within the newly renovated office building. We installed an array of White Lily Vertical Garden panels in the welcome lounge, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hallways, worker stations, and even in the halls in the stairways. You can never have too many green walls I must say. The more green panels there are, the more peaceful the vibe gets.

Choosing to install these faux green walls is a good investment for the company. Not only is it increasing the overall productivity of the entire operation due to its stress-relieving properties, but these walls also require no to little maintenance. It saves them time, energy, water, and stress while keeping its life-like qualities intact for a lengthy amount of time.

It’s the water-wise and sustainable choice that improves your lifestyle and environment.

Client Testimonial

“We are extremely pleased with the green walls and artificial plants provided to us by the team at Designer Vertical Gardens.

As a marketing agency, our image and brand are super important. Recently undergoing a complete renovation of our headquarters in Sydney, the addition of the internal grow walls used, has taken our office look and feel to another level and really uplifted the overall image of our space.

The quality of the products in addition to the level of service provided by Designer Vertical Gardens has been amazing. We found them to be extremely well priced and by far the best quality. Very highly recommended and will definitely use again for our next fit-out!”

- Matt Walker, CEO of AiiMS Group

: AiiMS Group
Budget: less than $3000
Product and Service: Installation of White Lily Vertical Garden Panels


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