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Portable Light Boxwood Hedge - UV stabilised (2m x 1m) - Artificial green walls and fake plants
2m x 1m boxwood portable hedge
Portable Light Boxwood Hedge - UV stabilised (2m x 1m) - Artificial green walls and fake plants

UV Resistant Portable Mixed Boxwood Artificial Hedge - 2m High x 1m Wide x 25cm Deep - DIY Assembly

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This lush & natural artificial hedge panel creates instant beauty for your garden, cafe, event & party | No watering, pruning or shaping required.  

    • Get an elegant and classic look with our portable Light Boxwood artificial plant fence panels. Instant vibrant greenery to partition spaces, create pathways, hide clutter, and use as a photo backdrop in your home, office, commercial property, event and party.
    • Ideal for those without the time, energy or skills to maintain the real thing, each artificial hedge fence panel comes as a flat pack and is easy to assemble.
    • This fake vertical wall garden boxwood hedge is UV treated to stand up to the harshest sun. With a zero fuss instillation and zero fuss upkeep it saves you from the stresses, money and time that live plants take.


    Whether you’re organising an event or party, looking to brighten up your cafe or office or simply want to bolster your privacy on a balcony or hide an ugly wall, the timeless beauty of a boxwood hedge adds elegance for a look that’s hard to beat.


    However a real boxwood hedge needs a lot of work to maintain. There’s the constant shaping and clipping required to stop it looking like an overgrown tangled mess. They also suffer from blight and other pests that cause leaves to wither and drop off.


    Our portable Boxwood outdoor artificial green wall is the well thought out and practical solution for those that want the look but don’t need the fuss in their life. It features a dense coverage of vibrant two tone leaves that have been UV treated to make them sun and weather proof. It's natural and good looks will impress all your friends, guests and clients.


    The hedge joins together seamlessly with other hedge panels. It’s durable, reusable and is the perfect finishing touch to get your space looking ‘just so’. Screen off private areas, direct the flow of people at events, or even create a temporary maze - the only limit is your imagination!