5 Reasons why Artificial Vertical Gardens are perfect for your office! You won't believe number 4!!

Artificial Vertical Gardens have some fantastic benefits - but other than looking fabulous all year round and UV treated for the outdoors there are some other benefits of Artificial Green Walls and Vertical Gardens that you probably haven't thought of yet! 

1. Artificial Vertical Gardens look fantastic indoors and don't require anyone to remember to water them. 

Unlike office plants, which can look untidy when someone forgets to water them - Designer Vertical Gardens don't require anyone to remember to water them to look fantastic! So when everyone goes on Holidays there's no need to worry.

2. Draw in Customers from the street or impress Customers at your reception with an Artificial Green Wall. 

Nothing gives a better first impression than a warm smile, happy hello and a stunning Artificial Green Wall to welcome your customers. Not only does it give your customers something to talk about, but it adds that extra bit of professionalism when first impressions really matter. 

3. Decrease heating and cooling costs in the office with Artificial Vertical Gardens.

Artificial Vertical Gardens can sometimes act as an insulator in the office to keep the office warm in Winter and Cool in Summer reducing your heating and cooling costs - and making a more comfortable work environment. 

4. A Designer Vertical Garden will boost productivity and make your staff happier!!

An office enriched with plants makes staff happier and boosts productivity by 15%, according to research by psychologists. The study says that Office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable and profitable place to be. It appears that in part this is because a green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare.

5. Create stunning privacy and sound barriers with Artificial Vertical Gardens and Green Walls 

Preserve your precious floor space - and use existing privacy barriers to create stunning Vertical Gardens that also assist with room acoustics and blocking out the sound. 
Artificial Vertical Garden Green Walls
Artificial Green Walls
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