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Out of the Box Applications for your Artificial Vertical Garden

Out of the Box Applications for your Artificial Vertical Garden - Designer Vertical Gardens

Artificial Vertical Gardens and Green Walls have a variety of applications - but when you're looking for something a little bit different, you have to think outside of the box. 

Here are 6 bespoke ideas for some out of the box applications for Vertical Gardens in your life. 

1. Artificial hedges on the roof

Some Amazing Artificial Red Photinia Screens on the roof of a NSW Pub enhanced their outdoor space in an instant. 

Artificial Hedge on the Roof

2. A Vertical Green Wall in your bathroom

Talk about Vertical Garden Envy! A display home in Perth, WA used our Artificial Boxwood Vertical Garden to enhance an already stunning bathroom and create a masterpiece. 

Artificial Vertical Garden Bathroom

3. Vertical Garden Oasis behind your TV

Getting bored of looking at the TV during the ads? What's better than a Vertical Garden Oasis behind your TV to keep yourself entertained.

Vertical Garden behind TV

4. Vertical Garden in your office meeting room

A Marketing Company in Melbourne, Victoria wanted a gorgeous green wall to increase productivity in their office and beautify their meeting room. 

Office Vertical Garden

5. Artificial Plants on your Tennis Court Fence

Beautiful family home in Victoria covered their Tennis Court mesh fencing in Myrtle Leaf Artificial Vertical Gardens and the result was simply stunning!

Myrtle Leaf - Tennis Court Fence

6. Artificial Green Walls in your Business

A hairdresser in Queensland used our White Lily Panels to beautify their salon. Out of the box, bespoke and simply beautiful!

Hairdresser Vertical Garden

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