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Advantages of opting to use Faux Plants

Advantages of opting to use Faux Plants - Designer Vertical Gardens

When decorating our interiors; whether it be in our homes or offices, one of our favorites is incorporating plants.

There are many  reasons for being hung up on lush, leafy and vibrant greenery. Plants give us fresh indoor air and magically transforms places with a chic and cool vibe.

According to Tamara KellyIdeal Home Writer; 'Artificial Plants are not just for Christmas time, but now an all-year-round fad.'

But some people do not have green fingers and life gets busy so they can’t keep up with the commitment and maintenance that real plants demand. This is why faux plants are surging in popularity to fill in that gap. Gone are the days when fake plants looked overly plastic and unrealistic.

Designer Vertical Gardens is leading Australia in helping to change the perception that artificial plants are cheap and can be easily identified.

Here are some good reasons why you should add faux plants when decorating your space.

Top reasons to choose faux plants

Helps create that summery feeling year round at home.

These lifelike artificial plants can brighten the room and boost the feel-good green feeling. They can prettify the space and give you that tranquil feel, remembering your last summer vacation.

faux plants in bedroom

 They can add texture to any space.

By putting faux plants in your space it helps soften the crisp, clean lines and prevent these areas from looking mundane.

Faux Plants in Living room

They stay fresh all year round.

Faux plants have absolutely little to no maintenance. Just occasional dusting and they’re good to go. They will look as fresh as the day you bought them.

Faux Plants

You’ll save money in the long run.

Artificial plants can be pricey, but if you’ll think about the money you’ll spend on constantly replacing plants that die, fertilisers, watering and grooming them, you’ll realise that it is actually cost effective.

artificial faux plants
Never underestimate the beauty and convenience of decorating using artificial plants. It’s practical. And there are so many ways that you can style them that you can’t do using real plants.

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