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Give your Space a Makeover with Artificial Green Walls

Give your Space a Makeover with Artificial Green Walls - Designer Vertical Gardens

For any space where you need a pop of green, artificial green walls are a perfect choice! Whether it's about creating an immersive indoor garden or relaxing atmosphere in your home. They're also great for creating an outdoor experience. Artificial green walls are low-maintenance since there is no need to water or fertilise them; they can be installed instantly and easily without disrupting the site and provide instant beauty!

Artificial Green Walls are the perfect way to fill your space with a bright green feel. Moreover, they come in so many different sizes and colours that they're sure to be the finishing detail you need for any project. You can easily impress clients or customers by installing a faux green wall at your company's entrance! Bring nature into your home with one of these artificial plants on display in your living room! Create an instant garden-like atmosphere by installing fake green walls in any indoor or outdoor area!

How the emergence of artificial green walls has created a designer domain for every space

As we enter into the future of architecture and design, one can't help but notice that green walls are becoming more popular. Artificial green walls offer the same benefits as the real thing without all of the maintenance work. It's no wonder why these beautiful additions to our buildings are catching on! 

The material does an excellent job of keeping moisture in, making it a perfect choice for humid climates like living around the beach. So, if you're living in an area with high humidity levels and want your home to be eco-friendly, then artificial green walls may be just what you need! Made of interlacing fake plants, they create a nature-like environment with stylish plant decors. The vertical garden is the best choice for those with apartments or less gardening space and who love aesthetic beauty.

What Makes Synthetic Walls More Authentic?

Artificial Green Walls, or Vertical Garden Systems (VGS), are a relatively new and innovative idea in the construction industry. VGSs allow you to grow plants on any outdoor or indoor surface with little maintenance and no soil! Perfect for those who live in apartment complexes without a garden, can't find time to maintain our yards, or just want to be amongst greenery even if we're not outside.

The possibilities with these systems are endless! You can use them as living walls in buildings; they make great additions to offices where employees need some greenery.

Additionally, Artificial green walls are a growing trend in interior design. Green walls have been used to help cut down on air pollution and create an environment for people with allergies or asthma. They can also be used to provide privacy, which is especially useful in office spaces. Additionally, the artificial green walls do not use any chemicals while they grow, so there's no risk of toxicants being released into the air. The best part? You don't have to water them!

Let's go through the benefits of using Artificial Green Walls:

Artificial green walls are an excellent way to increase the aesthetic value of your home or office space. They can also improve natural air quality, reduce noise pollution, create privacy and an instant sense of calmness in any room. The plants in these walls come in many varieties and colours, so you're sure to find one that will perfectly match the decor in your space.

But what does it do? Artificial green walls don't need watering and sunlight. They are healthier than natural plants in one major area-they help people stay free from allergies when natural plants release pollen into the air or produce too much humidity. The benefits don't stop there! These artificial plants also help with heating by reducing heat loss through windows while still allowing light indoors.

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation

Not only benefits, but our green walls also come in various forms, which makes it easier for you to choose wisely for indoor and outdoor installation, making your space more attractive and effective.

Types of Green Walls:

Artificial green walls can be categorised into different types:

  • Vertical farms
  • Living walls and
  • Thermal insulators (provide better heating or cooling).
  • Hedge fence panels
  • Green wall discs

Each category has its benefits for those who use them. Artificial Green Walls are a new and growing trend in the world of architecture. We offer a wide range of Fake Green Walls with different designs and usage, such as;

Mixed Leaves Artificial Green Wall Panels

The high-quality UV resistant panels of the no maintenance green walls provide exceptional depth. These stunning green walls are a no-maintenance option that offers outstanding depth and spread of foliage. The panels have high-quality UV resistance engineered in, making it the perfect choice for any space where quality is vital. Our range includes;

  • Vista Green Artificial Vertical Garden,
  • Urban Greenery,
  • Luxury Alaskan Fern Artificial Vertical Garden,
  • Premium Green Forest,
  • Tropical Fern,
  • Jungle Fern,
  • Evergreen Bespoke Fake Green Wall and more!

Mono or Single Style Leaves Artificial Hedges

Fake green walls are the perfect solution for creating a neat and lush finish to your garden or indoor settings. These panels stand upright like natural hedges but can be moulded into any shape you desire while providing privacy from nosy onlookers all year round! We offer a wide range of fake walls, inclusive of;

  • Natural and Dense Buxus Artificial Hedge Panels
  • Lemon Leaf,
  • Dense Fern,
  • English Boxwood Hedges,
  • Country Oak Artificial Hedges,
  • Yellow Buxus Mats,
  • Sample Mixed Boxwoods and more!

Flowering Artificial Vertical Garden:

A solution that makes a massive impact and is perfect for temporary or permanent events, including weddings and photo backdrops. Perfect for weddings or transient events, including birthdays and parties! If you are a flower admirer, then we have a lot for you:

  • Artificial White Lily and Jasmine
  • Mixed Jungle Green Wall
  • Wild Tropics
  • Purple and White Lavender
  • Red and Yellow Rose
  • Flowering Lilac
  • Platinum Garden of Eden and more!

These green walls require little space and will not take up much time from your day because you don't need to water them or do other maintenance like weeding and other distractions. Simply wiping the leaves with a wet cloth once in a few months is plenty to keep the greenery bright.

Artificial Green Walls are Cost-effective

Green walls are a popular trend nowadays in commercial and residential settings. They have many benefits, but the main one is cost-effectiveness. Artificial green walls can be mounted on any wall or ceiling with minimal effort and little to no maintenance. These systems save energy by regulating indoor temperatures without using electricity, unlike traditional air conditioning units. Give artificial green walls a try and upgrade the decor in your space.

Artificial Green Walls are cost-effective, versatile and can be used in so many environments. They have become gradually fashionable because they offer a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to improve indoor aesthetics while adding colour to any space. Artificial green walls are becoming more common for commercial applications such as restaurants, offices, or other places requiring high customer interaction levels. 

The artificial plants on these walls provide an inviting atmosphere that will keep your customers coming back! For households looking for low maintenance landscaping solutions without the price tag of natural plants, artificial green walls may be just what you need. No watering or fertilising is needed! For more information about artificial green walls and their benefits, visit us today for a range of stylish green walls.

Easy Installation

The installation process for vertical gardens or artificial green walls takes much less time and are easy to install. They can be fitted easily into the walls and open spaces. Additionally, the fake green walls are easy to handle and don't require a larger room to be equipped. With the hanging and vertical layers, they can be flipped easily when needed. 

We offer full-service packages from start to finish. You can choose between our pre-designed gardens, or we'll create a custom one just for you! Our designers have years of experience creating stunning natural-looking designs using artificial plants and trees. If you need some extra assistance with the installation process, feel free to contact us anytime! 

Artificial Green Walls - Affordable and Time-Savvy

Artificial green walls are a significant way to bring natural, soothing colour into any space. Their easy installation makes them perfect for people with busy schedules or high-stress careers that don't have time to maintain the upkeep of natural plants every day. 

With so many ways to incorporate an artificial green wall into your space, it's easy to see why they are quickly becoming a popular option for people interested in adding some greenery into their lives. Their comfort of installation and maintenance makes them perfect for anyone who doesn't have the time or energy required for tending plants every day. 

If you're looking at incorporating these living walls into your home, office, restaurant, school or any other place where you might need fresh air circulation - we can help! Get in touch with us at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au for more information.

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