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Create a Custom Artificial Green Wall

Create a Custom Artificial Green Wall - Designer Vertical Gardens

How to Customise an Artificial Green Wall

May it be sprucing up boring walls, love and fascination for greenery, privacy concerns or just simply turning your place into a garden-like living space, an artificial green wall is a top of mind solution and often a quick and easy fix.

Artificial Green Wall can develop vibrant interior and exterior working and living spaces easily. Your desire to create an attractive and beautiful environment is a truly delightful experience with the use of artificial green walls. But with its rise in popularity, how can you have your own unique and stunning Artificial Green Wall that fits your theme and personality?

In this article, we will discuss How to Customise an Artificial Green Wall.
The standard size of the artificial green wall is 100 cm x 100 cm that is incredibly easy to assemble and install. 

First off, determine the required number of panels based on the dimensions of your space. Each panel seamlessly connects to each other using the clips or cable ties if needed. You can then staple, screw, tie or use a nail and hammer to secure them onto the fence or wall. If you require further installation details please review our faux green wall install guide.

Green Sensation Green Wall Panel

To make your artificial green wall stand out and create a truly unique space, you can customise by adding some stems that are suitable for the theme you would like to go for. 

It will not only make your green wall panel look luxurious and lush, it will also give it a totally stunning look. Additional foliage and colour will give the panel a more natural look.

Browse and select from our wide selection of fake plant stems and faux hanging plants. Once you’ve decided which fake plant stem will go to your green wall, you can add them into the panel strategically. Place them on top, in the middle, left or right, depending on what suits you and the look you want to achieve. 
One of the favourites among our fake plant stems is the Long Stem Purple Lavender Plant

artificial lavender plant

It is the top choice accent plant because of its profusion of long, vibrant, elegant lavender flowers making it a majestic combination and blends well with Artificial Green Wall panels.


It creates a full drift of colours that is contrasting beautifully resulting in a refreshing hue. Lavender Stems is also great for informal or formal edging along borders, walkways, and raised walls. 


artificial vertical garden


Mixing a fake plant stem into the classic artificial green wall will give the panel romantic look you can enjoy all year round without waiting for the plants to thrive and bloom should you opt for the living ones. It is also convenient and cost-effective. Artificial Green Wall panels will also give a much higher value to your property because of the beauty and aesthetics it will bring.

Common choice material of builders, contractors and interior designers for their projects are artificial green walls, fake plant stems and fake hanging plants as it gives the same natural and realistic look.

Artificial Green Walls look better any day than any other live plant that some may inevitably kill. Contact us today and let us help you achieve a more beautiful space that you truly deserve.

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