How To Design a Breathtaking Summer Landscape

How To Design a Breathtaking Summer Landscape

For some, the backyard is the space to reconnect and unwind with fresh air specially in summertime.

So whether you want to install a pool for a serene and peaceful landscape, change the theme of your backyard, or just a great outdoor space for barbecues and get together with your friends and loved ones, we’ve come up with a list on how you can reach the true potential of your living space by enhancing it with amazing designs.



  1. Installing artificial vertical garden panels


Vertical gardens are one of the popular trends in modern home design. But installing real plants is not suitable for everyone especially in today’s modern lifestyle. For some that want instant results, minimal to zero maintenance while having greeneries looking beautiful all year round,  Artificial Vertical Gardens is the perfect alternative.  From Boxwood screens, Ivy leaf, and Green Tropics panels that provide amazing lifelike foliage and texture,hardly anyone notices that it’s faux. You can check out the wide range and varieties of vertical garden panels designs here.

 Green Tropics panels



Adding Portable / Pre-Built Artificial Hedges


Artificial hedge tiles are the perfect solution to create instant privacy and intimacy in your space.

 It’s great to add barriers in and out and can be used to close spaces or as temporary fencing. UV resistant hedges will look great in any weather all year round so no need to worry about maintenance or mess of fallen leaves.

 Artificial hedge tiles



Hanging Green Wall Dics


Green Walls Discs are the perfect statement for any blank wall, to add some greenery and colour. It makes a unique and stunning focal point of your backyard and any landscape.

 Green Walls Discs



Feature some Topiary Balls


For an extra kerb appeal, feature some topiary balls and you’ll have a great talking point in your space. Topiaries are plants that are pruned into decorative shapes to style your living environment.

Boxwood and Buxus are the most common topiary plants. It is simple yet their curved form, bold greenery ,manicured look and whimsical feel make them stand out. Incorporating topiary balls in your landscape design is effortless. Deploy them in sophisticated planters and you have a stunning ornament that stays attractive all year round.

 Topiary Balls


The possibilities are endless with countless ways on how to design a breathtaking summer landscape.

But if you don’t want to spend your entire summer cutting the grass or cleaning up fallen leaves, consider these functional, economical and long term ways of accessorizing your backyard space.

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