5 Reasons why you should consider a vertical garden

Living in the bustling modern metropolis, people are more dependent on living in an apartment near their workplace. As it gets populated, fewer people have access to green space. One innovative solution is expanding outdoor space with the newly popular style of growing a vertical garden design.

 vertical garden design.

Homeowners can easily use the unused vertical space of their outdoor areas by getting creative with their gardening style. Here are some reasons why you should have a vertical garden in or around your new home.

  1. It Saves Space

A vertical garden lets you maximize the limited space no matter how little space you have. Others choose to make one on their rooftop, balcony or windows. Some even make their walls ‘junglefied’ by using outdoor artificial green walls. It is realistic, natural-looking & zero maintenance.

On the other hand, gardening vertically makes fertilizing, watering, pruning and harvesting much more convenient and saves your back.

  1. It is Eco-friendly

Vertical gardens don't just look good, they DO good for our surroundings as well. It helps in filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. It also helps in heat absorption especially for those areas where people rely on air-conditioning during the hottest temperature of the year occurred.

 Vertical gardens

Creating your vertical garden does not have to expensive. Lots of vertical gardens, especially DIY options, take advantage of reusing a wide range of recycling materials you can find in your home. Among these are soda/ water bottles, yogurt cups and old tires or anything that can hold soil and plants. You may opt to install an artificial wall garden to serve as fillers to make your vertical garden more appealing and lively.

  1. It Enhance the Urban Life

 Aside from increasing air quality, reduction of an urban heat island effect, increasing energy efficiency, vertical garden practices also contribute to the reduction of noise and stress caused by urban life. By improving the city aesthetically, it is more pleasant to the eyes.

 As you noticed vertical gardens are increasingly popular in hotels, restaurants, resorts and even in condominiums. Part of their plan is having an artificial green wall installation since people are craving for green spaces. Most parks are not just having an artificial green wall but also artificial hedge fence panels to make it greener and child-friendly.

Lastly, production of such kind materials provides new job opportunities in the economy.

 fake ivy wall

  1. It Levels up your home

Making your vertical gardens are not just for their aesthetic merit, this can also include increased in food security. This is also a great potential for producing food at your own ‘mini garden’.

You can also install a fake ivy wall as a base for your home décor. Any green space at your home makes your eye & body relax. You may opt to add some fake hedge wall to serve as divider.

  1. It has a variety to choose from

You might not believe it, but designing or making your vertical garden is an achievable DIY project. Creating a design is limitless, you can create from entrance backdrop, a framework to boundaries and edges. Spice it up with hedge fence panels or green wall discs.

You can improve the beauty and increase the ‘curb appeal’ by adding character to it. There is a variety of structures and colors. You may also opt to create an ‘eye candy’ by planting at eye level with vertical garden structures like hanging baskets and window boxes.
 hedge fence panels

So have you decided to level up your space or need some consultation? Contact your green wall supplier NOW!

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