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How To Use Planter And Pots Around Your Home

How To Use Planter And Pots Around Your Home - Designer Vertical Gardens

Decorate Your Home Using Different Types Of Pots And Planters

There are no specific rules for decorating your home. Let your imagination run wild! We know that indoor potted plants placed at any corner can make the space come alive. The trickiest part is setting the plant comfortably in its planted container, whether pots or planters. With the people moving towards artificial plants, we require pots that go well for both live and artificial plants. Most of Australia's gardeners and home decorators prefer Designer Vertical Gardens to buy pots and planters for indoor or outdoor settings.

Do you know the difference between pots and planters?

What are pots and planters?

Even though they are both used to set plants, there is a vast difference between them. Pots are small and round and can house only one plant, while planters are available in different shapes and sizes and can house more than one plant. The small pots are usually meant for indoor use, while planters are used outside. The pot or the planter you select decides the plant's growth. Though the growth depends on the soil health and how healthy the roots of the plants are, the size, use and pot placement also play an indispensable role.

Points to remember for using indoor pots

Your plants will remain healthy only if you know the pot type. Check out these tips when considering indoor pots:

  • Choose a pot with a drainage hole to allow excess water to escape.
  • The pot should not be too big; it should be just a size larger than the plant's root ball.
  • Choosing lightweight pots for indoor use is better as they are easy to clean and work well, even if you forget to water plants on a particular day.

Designer Vertical Gardens in Australia offers plant pots made from recyclable plastic and concrete, designed to ensure longevity and durability at an affordable rate.

Is reusing the plant pots ideal?

Reusing plant pots is environmentally friendly, saves money, and makes gardening easy. However, reusing pots can cause problems if you have not cleaned them properly.

Importance of pot cleaning while reusing them

Soil builds up salt, which gets deposited on the pots. This build-up will transfer any disease your old plant has carried to your new plant. Moreover, used pots have lingering bug eggs and disease spores, which can't be seen with the naked eye and can harm new plants. Thus, cleaning the reused pots is necessary to keep the new plant healthy and productive.

How To Use Planter And Pots Around Your Home

To disinfect the pots:

  • Scrub the pots with clean water. If the salt deposits don't come off quickly, try scraping them with an old butter knife.
  • Soak clay and plastic pots in a solution with ten parts water and 1 part bleach; you can continue this soaking process from 10 minutes to 1 hour. This process will kill bug eggs and disease spores and help easily remove the salt. You can use vinegar instead of bleach.
  • Make a habit of cleaning the pot soon after it is emptied to reduce the chances of disease being transferred from one pot to another.
  • Rinse the pots well and dry them in the sunlight if possible.

In addition, choosing the right pot size for your plant is essential, whether for an indoor or outdoor plant. The size and shape of the pot or planter, together with soil and watering, directly affect plant growth. You could get confused about choosing the right pot height and size. Designer Vertical Gardens is there to help you understand the basics of the pot needed for a particular plant.

What is the proper pot size for artificial plants?

For indoor and outdoor artificial plants, pots, planters, and other containers are often ignored. Your plant may be beautiful, but if you choose the wrong container, you might have something boring to look at or even too flashy. Most fake plants come in fixed pots, but at times, this fixed pot is too small to keep the plant standing upright; you might want to purchase a new pot for your artificial plant.

When we talk about plant size, it does not mean just the plant, the diameter of the pot it is planted in is also included.

Plant size = Grow pot diameter x Total height of the plant

That is,

The diameter of the grow pot at the top of the rim multiplied by the total height of the plant

This means plant size includes the plant roots as well as the height or length of the plant. When we say 8/9cm pot, it means a nearly 9cm tall plant is growing in a pot with a width of 8cm diameter.

You must choose a decorative pot with an opening about 1cm larger than the size of the plant's pot. However, for a smaller plant with approximately 12cm grow pot, you should pick a slightly smaller pot, and for a larger plant with about 25cm, you can add a 2-3cm larger one.

It is important to note that if the shape of the planter tapers at the base, it means that the planter is wide enough for the plant to sit correctly at the bottom. In this case, you can add a layer of pebbles at the bottom to increase the base size, raising the plant height in the planter.

Additionally, the pot size determines how much air and water your plant roots get. Soil dries slowly in a large pot that makes the plant root rot. If the plant is large compared to a pot, the plant will tip over. Thus, drainage holes in the pots will allow water to drain from the soil, enabling good airflow and the flushing of salts from the soil.

With such specifications needed for faux green plant pots, Designer Garden Plants have perfect modern garden pots indoors or outdoors that will last for years.

Our exclusive pots range includes engraved pots, planters, imitation stones and marbles and hanging plastic pots. They are made from entirely recyclable, highly durable and long-lasting materials and are available in various shapes and sizes. Engraved pots come in 14cm and 17cm, while we have planters of 25cm, 30cm, 47cm and 71cm size. Our 30cm hanging pots are designed for use with either artificial or living plants. Our online shopping is 100% secure; you can order these plastic pots online.

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