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THE TOP 7 DIY DESIGN TRENDS OF 2021 | Designer Vertical Gardens

Finding calm in this time of uncertainty is what we're inspiring from the DIY design trends of 2021. We all want a little break from the noise of 2020 which changed our homes into a temporary workplace. The kitchen became a classroom, the dining room became offices and the bedroom was our escape from all of these.

In terms of how much time we are going to spend in our homes this year, will most likely be similar to last year; but we can make some changes to our homes to build a space that fosters a sense of peace and calm that we might be lacking otherwise in our chaotic lives.

We hope that these top DIY design trends will inspire you to create a beautiful space that you will love to live in.


Let's start with the one change that is both cost-friendly and can instantly transform your entire vibe, as well as your mood i.e. Color. This year try whatever color you like the most. Color is such an effective tool in home decor that it can only be used with a carefully planned strategy. Before using your favorite color paint to the large areas of your house, try it out in a small space first, such as an interior closet wall. Always use cool tones in your bedroom and bright, bold tones in your common areas.


Well, the grand millennial is a decorating style that is going to stay with us this year. It is a technique of embracing the old style with a blend of the new one. Using vintage furniture and fabric prints and hangings which were used years back, but adding a modern touch to it, to make it trendy is something you should try this year. You can use your old house accessories with a little tweaking to make them modern yet antique.


Another trend to adopt in 2021 is mood lighting. In terms of changes, the addition of led strip lighting that changes colors with remote control is common among the younger generation. The light strip is wrapped around the ceiling trim to create different color options according to the mood. Vintage and retro lamps can be replaced by generic light fixtures, creating the "Grandmillenial" vibe.


Using walls to create a change is one of the easiest ways you can do it on an affordable budget. And you've got lucky that we have a range of fake green walls including artificial vertical gardens, hedge panels, moss walls, Ivy rolls & panels, faux hanging baskets, and garden pots. You can make use of all these accessories to make aesthetic walls. Faux hanging baskets can be used in a common room while you can make use of garden pots in your galleries. Fake green walls can be a perfect addition to your balconies were with a natural source of light, these fake green walls can create such an aesthetic look.


Nowadays the use of vintage furniture becomes so popular. Choosing second-hand antiques or recycled old objects into new ones is the newest trend. You can blend your furniture decor with a lot of other artifacts. For instance, our garden pots and fake green walls can create a vibrant look around your retro lamps and vintage furniture in a living room.


Indoor plants make it easier to spend too much time inside. Plants have a variety of benefits, including lifting mood, aesthetics, and boosting oxygen levels. Plants are a perfect “neutral” thing to add in an empty corner, a side table, bathrooms, and of course to the home office. Talking about indoor plants, you can make use of our wide range of artificial plants. Faux greenery is making its way into spaces too. Our garden pots and faux hanging baskets can be hanged around the bathroom corner and fake green walls can be a perfect addition beside your bedroom window to transform a dull view into such a lively and vibrant view.


Home offices are the new normal. Let's take a look at what's trending in the world of home offices. Many of us are now able to work from home. Often you start working on the kitchen table, other times from the living room sofa, and even from your bed! To be productive, you'll need a dedicated work from home space. And from here we come into the picture. Our fake green wall, vertical garden, faux hanging baskets, and garden pots can be a perfect addition to your home office. The presence of greenery around your workspace is very important as it reduces your stress and keeps you calm causing you to be more creative and productive.

Every year, new DIY design trends emerge. It's funny how they always come back around. When it comes to deciding what to change in your room, the choice is yours. These suggestions are here to inspire you to design and decorate a home or workspace that you love the most.


Artificial plants and trees are never affected by seasonal changes. Unlike natural plants and trees, artificial ones do not shed flowers or leaves neither do they change in color or appearance. Hence, the artificial plants retain the look in all seasons. Whatever look you give to your house, artificial plants help you retain the same for over multiple decades. Only little dusting and light washing is required to maintain the appearance. Besides, these are made of high quality and long lasting materials which make them water as well as pest resistant. This makes sure that you enjoy your plants all year long without any worry.

Look at some amazing and beautiful variety of fake green walls, faux hanging baskets, garden pots, and much more by visiting our store online and get yourself one.

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