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The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedge: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hedge: Everything You Need to Know - Designer Vertical Gardens
Carefully made artificial hedges look natural, and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from the real ones. Faux hedges are popular in Australia for both commercial and residential properties. The faux hedge panels are UV-protected and fire-resistant, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


The Most Popular Types of Artificial Hedges in Australia

Australians have made some artificial hedges more popular than others, and they are prevalent for multiple applications in commercial and residential properties. Some of the most popular types of artificial hedges are artificial boxwood hedges, lemon leaf artificial hedges, mixed artificial boxwood hedges, Buxus artificial hedges, Pittosporum artificial hedges, Jasmine artificial hedges, and a few more.

Most artificial hedges are UV-resistant and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Today, lightweight, portable artificial hedges have also gained popularity. They are easy to move, highly durable and stay green all year round without heavy maintenance.


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The Advantages of Using Artificial Hedge Compared to Natural Hedge

  • Long-Lasting
Artificial hedges maintain their original appearance for years, and weather conditions do not alter their appeal. UV-resistant artificial hedges are long-lasting compared to natural hedges.

  • Non-Allergic
Natural hedges or plants may cause allergic reactions in many people. Whether you are installing hedges in your home, office, or commercial property, natural hedges may cause allergies, which can lead to chronic illness. With artificial hedges, there won’t be any risk of triggering asthma or pollen problems.

  • Easy to Care and Maintain
Artificial hedges require less maintenance care compared to natural hedges or plants. There is no need for regular watering, pruning, or fertilisation; you only need to clean the intermittent dust and normal sediment.

  • Cost-Effective
Like natural plants and hedges, faux hedges do not cost you a replacement as they never die. Even the initial installation cost of faux plants and hedges is less than natural ones. In addition, the faux hedges save a significant amount of time as there is no need to give them sufficient sunlight, control the interior temperature, check draughty conditions, and trim regularly.

  • Instant Beautification
Natural hedges take time to grow and reach their peak, where they look aesthetically perfect. There is no such waiting period for artificial hedges; they are easy to install and instantly transform your place.

  • Reduced Noise Levels
The walls you create using faux hedges can also reduce the noise levels. They act as a sound buffer, especially in offices and commercial places.

  • Increase Productivity and Cognition
It is now an established fact that workplaces filled with indoor plants and greenery creates positive work environments. Having faux hedges and plants in the office helps employees to concentrate better and improve their productivity.


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Why Artificial Hedges are Replacing Real Ones in Australia

They are made using the latest technology

Artificial hedges made using advanced technology look ultra-realistic. Their trunks, stems, leaves, and flowers are nearly indistinguishable from the natural ones. Artificial greenery made using RealTex materials and moulds provides natural colours and clear textures.

They survive almost all conditions

Faux hedges and plants can survive almost all weather conditions. From harsh Australian sun to rain, artificial hedges made with advanced technology and quality materials maintain their original look for a long time.

Faux Hedges Come in Various Styles

Artificial hedges come in different styles and designs. They can meet any interior or exterior decor requirements of residential and commercial properties. You can create a fixed wall with artificial hedge panels, or you can invest in portable artificial hedges to beautify different spaces on different occasions.

The Different Styles of Artificial Hedges

Classic boxwood panels, portable artificial hedges, artificial green walls with flowers, and faux topiary plants are the most popular styles of artificial hedges for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial boxwood hedges are incredibly popular in Australia. They add an aesthetic element as well as privacy to the properties. High-quality faux boxwood hedges are UV-resistant and have great longevity.

Portable Artificial Hedges (with Planters)

The reusable portable artificial hedges come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from a wide variety of artificial hedges with planters to instantly add aesthetic appeal to your place.

Green Walls

Green walls are the best ways to create a beautiful vertical garden in your space instantly. An artificial green wall with faux flowers can instantly source up the decor of the space. The panels for green walls are easy to install.

Faux Topiary Plants

Potted artificial topiary plants help you add instant greenery to your place. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for homes, offices and other commercial spaces. The highly realistic leaves give your space a modern green appearance.


Some Applications of Artificial Hedges

Create a Boundary Wall for Space Division

You can use artificial hedges as green partitions in your home or office. Many modern workplaces and commercial places like cafes and restaurants use faux hedges as space dividers.

It Works as Privacy Screen

Artificial hedges are pretty popular among residential property owners for adding privacy to their place. Highly durable artificial hedges are easy to attach to walls and fences and instantly add privacy to your space.

Wall Decor (Indoor and Outdoor)

Whether it’s a pool area of your residential property or the reception area of your commercial property, UV-resistant faux green walls can make any dull or boring indoor and outdoor area look vibrant.

Attractive Design for Brand Awareness

Offices and commercial spaces use green walls to achieve the aesthetic perfection that impresses them. Green walls can be customised to meet your unique requirements, which adds value to your brand.


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Things to Consider While Buying Artificial Hedges

You should consider several factors while buying artificial hedges. Along with the colour, size and shape of the faux hedges, you should keep a few things in mind.

Ensure that the Price is Reasonable

Whether you are buying online or from a local store, ensure that the price is neither too high or too low. Look for a budget-friendly offer that prevents you from compromising with product quality.

Find a Trusted Supplier

Whether you are a designer, landscaper, wholesaler, or builder, finding a trusted supplier will save a lot of your time and effort. Here are a few factors to consider while looking for a supplier:

  • Choose a direct supplier or manufacturer, and not a trading company
  • Go online, select a reliable online store that offers quality artificial greenery within your budget
  • Prefer a supplier who maintains strict quality control standards
  • Check service quality and after-sale guarantee

Check the Materials

Artificial greenery made with RealTex materials is ideal for any urban set up. It replicates nature perfectly and helps you transform your space in no time. In addition, you should prefer faux plants that are UV-resistant or buy UV protection spray for outdoor use.

Final Thoughts

Commercial and residential property owners are investing in artificial hedges for various reasons. The faux hedges are affordable and can instantly deliver aesthetic transformation. They require no maintenance compared to natural hedges. And they last for a long time, even outdoors. From creating a beautiful entrance in an office to adding privacy to your home garden, artificial hedges can work miraculously to transform any space within your budget.

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