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Things To Consider Before Buying Fake Vines

Things To Consider Before Buying Fake Vines - Designer Vertical Gardens

If you like the idea of having plants in your home but find that most of the spaces you want to keep them in are either too dark or don't have too much fresh air, you should consider placing artificial plants and fake vines. While nature lovers may wince at the mention of artificial plants, the truth is that sometimes, even with plenty of sunlight and proper care, some people don't have a green thumb.

No matter what they do, the plants they keep in their homes perish before long. If you travel very often, maintaining natural plants at home is almost impossible. But you don't need to give up on having greenery in your home, and you can incorporate Designer Vertical Gardensfake vines in various areas to add greenery and a fresh look to your house.

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Fake Vines

There are many different types of fake vines and plants on the market, and they all aren't made the same. There are certain things to keep in view while choosing these features for your home or office space:

 1. Plastic Vines vs. Fabric Vines

Technology has advanced significantly from the silk plants that had a super-fake look and many homes used to have these displayed on shelves and window sills.  High-quality fake vines have an amazingly realistic texture, color; based on the quality, some may also have reflective properties.

Some vines with bigger leaves also have a foam filling that adds a lovely realistic textile quality to them. Look for plastic vines with more delicate leaves and when you are buying larger leaf vines, check whether fabric ones have a more realistic texture.

2. Choose the Right Aesthetic

Attempt to capitalize on the primary reason modern plastic fake vines work so well- they mimic the appearance of some live plants. So you should source fake versions of plants that have a naturally “plasticky” aesthetic such as air plants, snake plants, trailing greenery, Boston fern, etc.

3. Make Sure the Proportion Is Right

When you are selecting fake vines, ensure that the leaves and other features are proportionate with regards to their natural counterparts. For example, if you are buying ivy garland vines, make sure that the leaves aren't oversized or undersized as that would only make them look unrealistic. Even when you use fake vines, the idea is to choose something that will look very much like the real thing. 

4. Stay Away From Gimmicky Effects

Steer clear of fake vines that look particularly gimmicky. For example, if the leaves are peppered with fake dew droplets, it’s something you need to scrutinize. Do not buy something that is excessively glossy, and look for more details instead, like veins in the leaves or hanging roots, etc.

Designer Vertical Gardens is your one-stop-shop for all types of fake vines. For more information, feel free to call us at 03 8400 4505 or 1800 960 565. You can also fill in the Online Form on this page, and one of our team members will get in touch.

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