Top 5 Spots for Artificial Vertical Gardens in your home

It used to be the case that people only had "live" vertical garden options for their homes. Where they had to water their plants religiously, or pay for expensive irrigation systems to keep their Vertical Green Walls and Vertical Gardens alive. 

What that meant for consumers, is that every month or two they were forking our more and more money to replace the plants, pay for more complicated irrigation systems - and they were left to clean up the mess. 

A few years ago - Designer Vertical Gardens devised a solution. Artificial Vertical Gardens, green walls and wall gardens. No Watering, no trimming and best of all no mess. 

Here are the Top 5 ways you can transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with Vertical Gardens, Artificial Wall Gardens and Artificial Privacy Screens. 

1. Around the Pool


Designer Vertical Gardens

Make that plain wall or pool fencing go from "drab" to "fab" in a matter of hours. 

2. Around the Balcony


designer vertical gardens

Keep the Balcony neighbours happy with some divine Artificial Greenery - a nice way of saying "Privacy Please"

3. On the Patio Roof

Designer Vertical gardens

Lying on your Banana Lounge, in the shade on a lovely sunny day - looking up at your beautiful Artificial Garden on your roof!!  What could be better?

4. Behind your T.V.

Designer Vertical Garden

Bored looking at a blank white wall during the T.V. ads? What's better than an Indoor Artificial Garden to make your guests say "Wow!".

5. In the bathroom

Designer Vertical Garden

What's better than a jungle oasis with your  Artificial Vertical Wall Garden while you're having a shower, or relaxing in the bath. Talk about Modern!!

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