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Split Philodendron (Split Leaf) 120cm
Split Philodendron (Split Leaf) 120cm
Split Philodendron (Split Leaf) 120cm
fake philodendron tree

Split Philodendron (Split Leaf) 120cm

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Life-like Split Philodendron – get your hands on these real-life looking plants to add some nature-filled vibes in any of your spaces!


At 120cm, this faux split-leaf Philodendron is perfect for a side table or a low coffee table.
It’s been designed with great detail mixed with young and a bit of mature leaves with varying colors to catch the plant’s authenticity.
It is secured by a simple black pot that matches with any color.


The details of the Faux Philodendron

Weight: 4kg approx

Width: approx 70-90cm depending on branch placement

Pot size: 14cm high x 17cm wide