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Hanging Plants

UV Resistant Dense Trailing Artificial Hanging Fern 90cm


Artificial Air Plant / Spanish Moss Hanging Vine 120cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial green wall sydney artificial vertical garden melbourne
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Artificial Air Plant / Spanish Moss Hanging Vine 120cm

$14.95  $19.95

Hanging Succulent String of Pearl Beads 75cm - Designer Vertical Gardens artificial green wall sydney artificial vertical garden melbourne
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Hanging Succulent String of Pearl Beads 75cm

$12.95  $14.95

Heart Leaf Philodendron Hanging Creeper Bush 78cm


English Artificial Hanging Basket 110cm


Petal Artificial Hanging Basket 110cm


Dense Trailing Artificial Hanging Greenery 90cm


Artificial Hanging Pearls 90cm


Artificial Fittonia Hanging Garland Bush 80cm


Hanging Green Ivy Bush - 80cm


Hanging Green Ivy Bush - 100cm


White Tipped Hanging Artificial Ivy Bush - 100cm


Artificial Hanging Plant - Mixed Philodendron Bush - 80cm


Hanging Artificial Philodendron Bush - 100cm


Artificial Hanging Garden Plants Online

It’s a well known fact that every home, event or party looks better when decorated with plants. They add life, vibrancy and an instant burst of colour that’s always in style. However they also require constant care, and they tend to be very particular about their environment.

Our beautifully realistic fake hanging plants always look beautiful no matter how less you attend to them! They add texture and colour where it’s missing, transforming even the drabest and darkest space into one that pops with vibrant life. 

A Range of Stunning Artificial Hanging Plants in Australia:

Try our artificial leafy, ivy and flowering garlands in hard to reach places where real plants won’t flourish or even fit, intertwine it in balustrades, hang it from archways and doorways, and weave it into your artificial hanging plants garden walls for outdoor and indoors. The only limit is your imagination. The flexible stem makes positioning it a breeze, and once it’s up you can be confident that it will always look good. These artificial hanging plants are ideally suited to indoor and outdoor settings .

The types of Artificial Hanging Garden Plants we stock in Australia are:

Artificial Hanging Leafy Varieties

Have you ever thought 'this space looks a tad bland?' Well, if you are after a simple yet effective way to liven up your home or office these bright, yet natural looking hanging plants are the perfect solution. All you need to do is find the right location- maybe that is in a corner of the room, inside a pot, or simply attached to a railing.

The hanging bushes and vines come with many individual branches, which are then covered in lush green leaves. A range of superb hanging creeper bushes with lush leaves. With their bright green colouring and natural variation in leaf colouring - it's perfect to replace the plants in those hanging baskets that you just can't keep alive. 

At Designer Vertical Gardens we stock a stunning variety of UV resistant artificial hanging leavy varieties such as the Heart Leaf Philodendron Creeper Bush of 78cm and Mixed Philodendron Bush of 80cm, Hanging Artificial Boston Fern of size 100cm, Artificial Hanging Pearls of 90cm, Spanish Moss Hanging Vine of 120cm, Artificial Fittonia Hanging Garland Bush of 80cm, English Artificial Hanging Basket of 110cm and many more exquisite varieties available online. 

Artificial Hanging Ivy Vines And Bushes

These stunningly natural-like UV resistant fake ivy garlands have been designed to mimic nature down to the last detail- from the variegated and lush green leaves, to the individual veins, curling tendrils and stems.

We also have multipacks, where each pack contains five artificial ivy garlands. The vines feature tens of mixed sizes of leaves per garland to mimic the natural look as much as possible.

The flexible stem means you can twist it into any shape. Intertwine it in round doorways and bannisters, use it in hanging basket displays and  floral table centrepieces, or hang it for a stunning photo backdrop for your next event or party! 

We stock several artificial Ivy bushes and garlands such as the Hanging Green Ivy Bush of 80cm and 100cm, Ivy Hanging Vines and Hanging Ivy Garland Vines of 260cm (5 pack), White Tipped Hanging Artificial Ivy Bush of 100cm, Hanging Two-Tone Ivy Bush of 70cm, Artificial Hanging English Ivy Garland of 200cm and English Hanging Fake Ivy Bush of 80cm that is UV resistant. All our varieties are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. 

Artificial Hanging Flowering Varieties

    Looking for some hanging artificial greenery that has a mix of green leaves and flowers, that isn't too out there?

    The Mixed Flowering Hanging Foliage varieties are perfect for adding colour to any Vertical Garden, as well as adding colour to your next event decor. Designed to fall naturally to enhance it's botanically correct features. 

    Captivating and stunning are just two words to describe the amazingly stunning flowers that hang from these beautiful bushes and vines. The colours are simply sensational. 

    • Stunning captivating flowers and foliage
    • Instant decoration and beautification
    • Long-lasting and highest quality

    The artificial hanging flowering varieties we have include all UV resistant artificial plants   like Hanging Artificial White Flowering Mixed Foliage of 60cm, Hanging Artificial Bougainvillea Plant (Pink / Lilac) UV Resistant 90cm, Hanging Artificial Yellow and Red Flowering Mixed Foliages of 60cm each, Yellow Mixed Hanging Foliage of 60cm, Hanging Red Rose Stem, White Rose Stem and Pink Rose Stem of 85cm each, Mixed Green & White Tipped Hanging Artificial Ivy Bush of 80cm and Artificial Geranium Hanging Bush with Red Flowers of 60cm.

    Hooks and Pots

      Are you ready for an easy way to hang your artificial green wall? Then our hooks may be the perfect choice for you! Made with high-quality stainless steel these hooks are easily able to handle any green wall panel, vertical garden or fake plants of any type. They are easy and portable. Imagine for a moment having a balcony railing, colorbond fence or exhibition wall that you don’t want to screw into. What’s the solution? Hang it.

      Details of the stainless steel hooks (available in 50 pieces and 10 pieces pack)
      • Overall size: 9cm long, 7cm wide.
      • Size of larger loop: 4cm (approx long) / 4.5cm across
      • Size of smaller loop: 4cm (approx long) / 1.5cm across

      Hanging Pots Online:

      These elegant hanging pots are made from recycled plastics and concrete that are designed to ensure longevity and durability. The environmentally friendly hanging pots are the perfect choice for anybody wanting a hanging basket for either indoors or outdoors that will last for years.

      The Designer Pot range is designed to not only look great but ensure that our environment benefits from earth-friendly materials and construction ensuring that materials are not only recycled, but reused into something truly wonderful. You’ll be sure to love these lovely natural coloured pots. We have a Rustic White Plastic Pot with Chain and Hanging Grey Plastic Pot with Chain of 30cm each. 

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