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Pots & Planters

Black and White Engraved Pot 17cm


Black and White Engraved Pot 14cm


Imitation Dark Stone Geometric (Square) Planter 30cm


Imitation Stone (White / Cream) Pot 20cm


Dark Grey Round Planter 47cm


Decorative Large Textured Round Black Planter 71cm


Decorative Textured Round Black Planter 47cm


Decorative Textured Round White Planter 47cm


Glossy Blue Garden Pot 25cm


Imitation Stone Concrete White Stone Rectangle Planter 50cm


Imitation Stone Grey White Stone Rectangle Planter 50cm


Imitation Stone Grey Rectangle Planter 27cm


Polished Black Planter Bowl 30cm


Polished Vintage White Planter Bowl 30cm


Rendered White Planter Pot 25cm


Tall Tapered Square Planter 70cm


Garden Plant Pots Online At Designer Vertical Gardens

Made from recycled materials these pots and planters are a perfect choice for gardeners and home decorators who love sustainable materials that are durable and super strong.

Our environmentally friendly modern garden pots are the perfect choice for anybody wanting a low-maintenance pot for either indoors or outdoors that will last for years.

Following are the types of Pots we sell

  1. Engraved Pots: A highly decorative engraved pot that has sustainability at the front of mind. Made from recycled materials this pot is a perfect choice for gardeners and home decorators who love sustainable materials that are durable, and super strong. Our pot comes in the following colors: Cream and White, Yellow and White and Black and White. Our range comes in 2 sizes: 14cm and 17cm for our smaller range, with a further range of planters in larger sizes.

    In addition to our engraved pots, we also have exquisite colours in our artisan range including glossy blue and rendered white and grey colours.

  2. Planters: These planters are made from exceptionally high-quality recycled materials that exceed the performance of most traditional planters. There is a hole with a plugin on the base to allow for drainage should you require.

    Our planters come in various shapes such as round, rectangular, geometric, tall tapered and round design with textures such as rustic texture, polished and tapered with sizes ranges of 25cm, 30cm, 47cm and 71cm. The colours available are black, white, grey, dark grey, polished white and stone white.

  3. Imitation Stone & Marble: These Designer Pots range look great and also ensure that our environment benefits from earth-friendly materials and construction ensuring that materials are not only recycled but reused into something truly wonderful. You’ll be sure to love these lovely pots with natural tones such as imitation dark and grey stone and also imitation marble in two different colour combinations like “green and white” and “red and white”. Sizes include 20cm, 27cm and 50cm.

  4. Hanging: An elegant rustic hanging plastic pot that is designed for use with either artificial or living plants and made from recycled materials that are extremely durable and long-lasting. These 30cm hanging pots are lightweight and are available in colours like grey and rustic white.

Features of our Pots & Planters

  • Made from recycled materials (plastics & concrete)
  • Designed to ensure longevity and durability
  • Designed to look great
  • Use with either artificial or living plants

Why buy from us?

  • Earth & Family Safe products
  • Free & Fast Shipping
  • 100% Secure Online Shopping
  • Manufacturer Direct Prices
  • Botanically Correct Plants

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