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Brilliant Landscape Designs With Complete Landscape Solutions

Artificial Plants, Trees, and Green Wall Panels Installation in Toorak by Complete Landscape Solutions 


Our Client

Based in Melbourne, Complete Landscape Solutions are a top-tier, award-winning landscape construction company. They cater and service to areas throughout Victoria specializing in concreting, paving, block walls, brickwork, decking, water features, lighting, irrigation among others.

“Our Pasion Is Landscaping and We Do It Well” is the company’s mantra they have held true since the beginning as they consistently leave their clients awestruck and impressed with the outcome of Projects they complete.

With a brilliant team composed of talented staff, Complete Landscape Solutions are only looking to expanding and growing stronger as a company in the years to come.

The Project

The project was aimed to spruce up the balcony/terrace of their client’s house overlooking the entire neighbourhood whilst providing a bit of privacy and boundaries. They wanted to liven up space by adding natural and varying colours that are refreshing to the eyes. 

The design primarily focused on uniformity and simplicity yet delivers a stunning impact to the owners and on-lookers alike. They also wanted a semi-private feel without totally obstructing the beautiful view of the cloudy blue skies in the morning and the bountiful star-filled skies at night. They had to find the best product that will meet all the briefs in the client’s vision. 

The Product

To achieve their primary and secondary goals, the team has decided to use two different artificial plants from our many available varieties. The Fiddle Fig towering at 135cm, is a perfect fake plant to provide some boundaries from the view of the outside. They placed several Fiddle Figs in close proximity to one another on top of an elevated garden patch to give an instant covering from the other side. With its sturdy and elongated stem, it still provided some gaps to catch a glimpse of the outside without exposing the entirety of the area. Full of luscious and realistic leaves, the Fiddle Fig added some more privacy and even provided some shade against direct sunlight. 

Urban Greenery Artificial Vertical Garden has used to décor the railings of the terrace. Our Urban Greenery fake vertical garden wall panel is an eye-catching product that showcases the very best of mother nature composed of multiple varying colours and different glorious shades of green that bursts life in any area. It not only strengthened the feeling of privacy but it instantly gave life to space. Each panel was hand-assembled to make the vertical garden design as realistic as possible. The plants and stems were specially chosen to complement each other with their size, colour, vibrancy, and depth. They come in already pre-arranged to perfection so installing them was an easy feat.

The Solution

Installing two different kinds of artificial greenery hit the clients’ briefs completely. Installing an array of Fiddle Figs and a series of Urban Greenery Artificial  Wall Panel to create an enclosure for privacy was a brilliant move. It enhanced the aesthetics of the entire area and really ramped up the nature-like vibes of the house. 

With the artificial green wall already pre-arranged, the installation was timely and easy. Not much time was needed to liven up the place. It also ensured clients with long-lasting privacy and aesthetics due to our products’ durability and resilience. The high UV treatment on the leaves makes it fade-resistant and suitable for exterior use. With the addition of these artificial plants, the value of the house would surely increase. 

 More importantly, using artificial green walls and fake plants saves customers time, money, and stress especially in the long run. Unlike real live plants, there is no drying, wilting, falling, and dying of the leaves. Maintenance takes zero to the minimum effort. They can’t go wrong with using our faux plants for their house. 

Customer: Complete Landscape Solutions

Budget: less than $10000

Product and Service: Installation of Artificial Plants, Trees, and Green Wall Panels


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