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Display Home Transformation

Showcasing a High-end, Low Maintenance Building Technique Using Artificial Vertical Garden Panels

Our Client

We worked with a high-end Perth builder to create a display home that would captivate the visitors of the property. Known as one of the finest luxury home builders in Western Australia they want to ensure they are able to exceed expectations of the home buyers in one of the biggest investments they'll ever make.

The Project

They wanted a design that would break away from the harsh concrete and dark colours and add a touch of permanent greenery.

The project is to showcase high end, low-maintenance building techniques and products available in Western Australia.

The Product

We used Boston Ivy Artificial Green Wall as the timeless style of the panels adds more classy feel to the property. 

The lush green and classic good looks of the hedge fence panel immediately enhance the space that will impress visitors.
It looks and feels real due to the dense and luxurious coverage.
The panels are UV treated from the inside out of each foliage so there will be no visible color loss even on full sun exposure.
With the highest quality plastics and no toxic heavy metals used, you can be sure this new fake vertical garden wall will stand the test of time.
The use of Artificial Vertical Garden panels for this project has a whole heap of benefits for the builder and future homeowner.
It gave the property a modern,streamlined and high-end feel without having to worry about ongoing cost.
The upfront cost of installing an Artificial Vertical Garden is lower than real plants and since they require no maintenance it is more economical.
It is specially good for amenities like the pool area as real plants around the pool tend to die easily because of the chlorine in the water.
The property will also look clean and tidy without the need of pruning and trimming the plants.
It enhances the drab wall and gives it a relaxing “spa-like” feel for visitors to enjoy.


The Solution

If you've always dreamed of having a vertical garden / green wall or some simply stunning greenery, but don't think you could spend days or lots of money maintaining it, artificial greenery is for you.
Our range of stunning artificial green walls and fake plants are of highest quality at a reasonable price.
The whole process of planning, ordering and installation is quick, efficient and painless.
Builders prefer to use Artificial Greenery for both indoors and outdoor spaces in commercial and residential projects because what can't you do with these natural looking and no maintenance required green walls? It is the perfect focal point and backdrop for modern, traditional, tropical or any theme of a space.
These Artificial Vertical Garden panels are fully customisable in shape and size.
It is great for large and small scale projects and designs.
They are easy to install and do not require changes.
Realistically lush looking green walls that they can enjoy all year round.


Customer: High-end Builder in Perth, Western Australia
Budget: Less $7000
Product and Service: Installation of Boston Ivy Artificial Plant Fence Panels