Green Wall Installation at BMW




Green spaces are multifunctional - they provide social, economic and mental health benefits. People living or working in proximity to greens paces experience a variety of mental, physical, and social benefits, including stress reduction, quicker healing, and learning opportunities for children who play in gardens or visit botanical gardens. Sustainable sites consider human energy and creativity as renewable resources. City planners, governments, and ordinary citizens are beginning to appreciate the tangible benefits of green spaces and take advantage of opportunities for improving the quality of life in urbanised areas.


Our Client 

With a full-service experience for customers, a full range of enhancements and detailing, and luxury environments to make car purchasing a memorable experience, BMW Brighton is more than just a showroom. The dealership was awarded 2019 BMW Dealer of the Year and 2019 BMW Major Metro Dealer of the Year. They are committed to providing a complete luxury experience for customers, who can enjoy a full-service dealership that offers everything a BMW has to offer.

The Project

The BMW dealership wanted to revamp a bland plaster wall into an elegant and efficient display area for their inventory. The wall system will serve as the dealership's focal point and allows them to showcase their products in an interesting, new way. It will have a wall-mounted TV and some artwork of their products. The goal was to make the design cohesive and sophisticated to live up to its premium branding.

The Product

The team had 3-panel designs from which to choose: Vista Green Panels, Green Sensation, and Wild Tropics. After careful consideration and thorough comparisons, they chose the Green Sensation panels for their vertical garden because of the realistic appearance of the foliage and stunning mixed foliage.

The beautiful living wall panel displays the very best in artificial garden wall plant design. Each 100cm by 100cm artificial living wall panel is a work of evergreen art that creates striking decor. Hand-assembled, it features a life-like blend of grasses ferns, and succulent like stems that have been chosen for their colours, textures and forms. The panel has a high strength plastic backing to make it easy to install. Cut them into shapes, wrap them around objects - the choices are endless.

The Solution

As the team wanted to revamp their showroom urgently due to an upcoming event, they had Designer Vertical Gardens manage the installation and set up of their new green wall. Not only did they wish to ensure the job was done quickly but professionally also, so our expert team of installers were on site within the week.

We ensured that our workers were skilled in plasterboard installation and that all the necessary tools were on hand for the task. To hold up the panels against a plaster wall, our workers used timber screws and washers and attached them securely to avoid falling and undertook precision cutting to ensure power points, and cutouts were trimmed around accordingly.

Customer: BMW Brighton

Budget:  $4280

Product and Service: Installation of Green Sensation to a plaster wall

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