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Here’s How a New Cafe in Beaumaris Created a Jungle Vibe with a Green Ceiling

Beaumaris case study


A new cafe owner in Beaumaris, Melbourne, wanted to create a jungle vibe for their customers. Entering the cafe, the customers came across a dull colorbond ceiling. The client wanted to cover it with some vertical gardens to create a green ceiling. The owner wanted to give all of the guests a lively, welcoming interior that is lush with vegetation and makes them feel more at one with nature.

In a bid to create a cafe fit-out that can give all the customers a break from Melbourne’s concrete jungle, they contacted Designer Vertical Gardens, the experts in creating realistic artificial vertical garden wall plants, to help them with the project.

The Challenge

The cafe owner wanted to create a green ceiling that would match the theme and style of the cafe. But setting up and maintaining a natural green ceiling requires much effort and time. And that’s why they wanted to use artificial vertical gardens and plants like Ivy Garlands that look and feel natural and come without the complications of a natural, living green wall.



The Solution

Designer Vertical Gardens teamed up with the installer to design and install a green ceiling that met the cafe owner’s expectations. We used three types of artificial plants: Ivy Garlands, White Grasses, and a Green Tropics Vertical Garden. The Ivy Garlands created a thick, lush canopy covering the whole ceiling. The White Grasses added variety and texture to the greenery, while the Green Tropics Vertical Garden brought some tropical flair and colour to the space.

The Result

The result was excellent. The artificial greenery turned the colorbond ceiling into a jungle paradise, making the customers feel like they were in a different world. The artificial plants were easy to install and maintain, and they looked and felt natural. They also helped to reduce noise and improve air quality by absorbing sound and filtering pollutants.

The owner and the customers loved the green ceiling, which made the cafe cosy and comfortable. The green ceiling also made the cafe stand out from the crowd, as it attracted more customers who were looking for a unique and natural experience in the city.



Work With Designer Vertical Gardens

Designer Vertical Gardens is the leading provider of realistic artificial vertical garden wall plants in Australia. We offer a range of products and services to help customers transform their spaces with stunning artificial greenery that replicates nature.

In addition to offering handcrafted, botanically accurate, UV-resistant artificial plants, we offer Australia-wide free delivery and unbeatable wholesale prices. Our friendly and professional team is always ready to help our customers with their artificial plant needs, whether it is for a home, office, restaurant, hotel, or any other space.

To learn more about Designer Vertical Gardens and our artificial vertical garden wall plants, contact us today.