Wild Tropics Vertical Garden Artificial Plants Panel 1m x 1m (Indoor or Outdoor) UV Resistant

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Certainly one of the most lush faux vertical gardens ever made! The exceptionally dense foliage, striking grasses and mixed leaves create a green wall that looks like it is fertilized every-day – yet you’ll never have to water or feed this green wall!

  • Highest quality design and curb appeal
  • Life-like plant and vertical garden design
  • RealTex simulation technology


Artificial vertical garden wall panel - Bring some wild tropical nature into the heart of the concrete jungle! Zero water or fuss required

  • Set the scene for a tropical theme with our Wild Tropics vertical fake garden wall. Each hand-assembled panel features a custom designed mix of unique, exotic and beautiful greeneries that can only be found in the wild.
  • Interlocking panels make installing this fake vertical wall garden panel a breeze! Cut and shape as you like. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning transformation safe in the knowledge that it will always look this good! !
  • Artificial vertical garden design lets you enjoy the benefits of live plants without the need for green thumbs. No more watering, feeding, pruning, repotting ever

Do you dream of palm trees swaying in the breeze, a cool pina colada in your hand? The sound of birds chattering as you laze in the seemingly endless sun? Then reality hits, there’s nothing to look at but unsightly walls. Even if you had a green thumb, it’s impossible to get the exotic plants you desire past customs.

Embrace your wild side with our spectacular Wild Tropics artificial vertical garden wall. A masterpiece of artificial garden wall plant design, it features all your favourite jungle plants and gives you the tropical feel you want without any of the fuss. The high quality plants are next to impossible to tell from the real thing, except they need no watering or looking after to stay lush.

Made to the exacting standards and high expectations of interior designers, architects, and landscapers, they’ve been designed to make your life as simple as possible. A cinch to install, cut and shape, they’ll bring even the bleakest of spaces to life. 

The panels are suitable for both inside and outside use. Use it as an outdoor artificial green wall to create the perfect entertaining and relaxing space. A pristine jungle paradise, that screens off prying neighbours and noise.

Please note that due to its lush nature it is more fragile than our other screens. You  may need to cable tie on the stems (grasses, and branches) in high wind areas

All of the benefits of nature without the downsides!  

Plants help us feel wonderfully fresh and alive, and provide a sense of calm in times of stress. However to look after them properly you need time and skills for maintenance - especially when it comes to vertical gardens. Australia’s low rainfall means that the constant watering they require is simply unsustainable long-term.

The evergreen beauty of our  artificial vertical garden wall panels require no water making them a well thought out and perfect design solution to our climate. They’ll give you an instant and constant green garden without any maintenance.


This item is out of stock, and will not ship until 10 March.

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