Installation of Evergreen Bespoke Fake Green Wall at Raw & Wild Bowral


Our Artificial Vertical Garden Client

Raw & Wild Bowral is a well-known establishment in the Southern Highlands (a few hundred kilometers from Sydney). It is a multi-purpose shop that functions as a marketplace and a Café at the same time. Generally open seven days a week, this go-to locale boasts of its ‘certified fresh organic produce’ – currently the only market certified in the area. Selling organic fruits and vegetables at first, this supermarket now offers a wide selection including a whole range of health foods, organic groceries, eco-friendly products, plant-based foods, and natural skincare. It attracts a multitude of customers especially the ones who are health conscious as they are given an assurance that every product they purchase is clean and healthy. 

After spending hours of the day shopping for organic and earth-friendly necessities and essentials, you can head on down to their in-house Café nook that has become a famous hang-out place for locals and visitors alike. Just like it’s market counterpart, the Raw & Wild Café serves its clients only the freshest and cleanest ingredients. It uses the produce from its own organic market and can cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements with many vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options on the menu. Its menu includes breakfast and lunch options as well as a special selection for Kids. 

A recent addition to the shop is its Raw & Wild Deli & Espresso Bar. Although fairly new, it has become a hit to the customers as it offers local and international products. They offer a wide range of different produce including cheeses, meats, antipasti, and charcutier. Aside from stocking Australian produce, it also has a selection of international deli products and fresh Brassiere bread delivered daily.

The Project - A bespoke custom artificial vertical garden

As an establishment which aims to deliver only the freshest and healthiest products, Raw & Wild Bowral wanted to showcase the same natural and organic feel to its environment. It wants a physical embodiment of its brand name shown through the ambiance and vibe you get by staying or dining in. It wants rawness and wilderness emitted to customers while enjoying their famous coffee or wine. 

Bowral, where the store is situated, is known as the wine region of the area. The Southern Highlands are known for its vast valleys, forests, and lush, rich greeneries. Raw & Wild wants to embrace that natural setting and add it to their café to bring the room to life. As a pet-friendly establishment, it wants all their customers and four-legged friends to feel at ease and relaxed.  

The Product - A customized artificial vertical garden

Raw & Wild had its eyes on one of our highly sought after artificial vertical gardens. The Evergreen Bespoke Fake Green Wall features exceptional dense and lush foliage and greeneries of different kinds that caught the company’s attention. 90cm by 90cm in size, this artificial green wall panel is a perfect fit for indoor areas and enclosed spaces. It is truly a statement piece that can be placed as a backdrop or a design on walls in the office, at home or in any establishment. Putting a series of these vertical wall panels would surely bring life and colour to any rooms. The entire green masterpiece is made from high-quality and realistic plants including tropical ferns, native grasses, coloured leaves and a range of stunning flowers. The thick, life-like foliage is intricately placed and arranged in a sturdy black, powder-coated backing to help support the entire panel. With its easy-to-install feature, setting this up is quick and hassle-free for sure!

The Solution

Raw & Wild Bowral decided to enlist the help of Designer Vertical Gardens to install these artificial green panels as a backdrop surrounding their brand name. We opted to cover the entire wall with this fake vertical garden. Bowral is part of the Southern Highlands which is known for their cool temperate climate. Maintaining real tropical plants and greeneries would be close to impossible as the plants would not thrive on cold weather. Investing in using these fake vertical gardens  is a smart move by Raw & Wild. With the store busy serving shoppers and diners alike and all other responsibilities in running a business, the staff wouldn’t have to worry about their artificial wall wilting or dying or even falling. The evergreen wall captivates the beauty of this fake green wall and will last a very long time with minimal supervision. Now diners can enjoy hanging out in the café while drinking coffee, sipping wine or eating their healthy, organic meals while chatting with their friends and fur-friends all the while basking in the nature-feel vibe that the artificial Evergreen Bespoke Fake Green Wall brings. 

Client Testimonial

“The wall looks amazing, a real conversation starter, I am sure.” - Roland Knight

Customer: Raw & Wild
Budget: $1800
Product: Evergreen Bespoke Fake Green Wall