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Installation of Tropical Fern Artificial Vertical Garden Panels

Installing Artificial Vertical Garden Panels at Karingal Hub

Our Client 

We had a pleasure working with Karingal Hub, a well-established Shopping Centre located in the heart of Frankston Victoria. The centre provides a wide range of lifestyle, fashion, essential products, services and other needs. With numerous shops, a large number of restaurants and anchored by Big W and Woolworths, it’s surely a great place to socialise, shop, gather and connect.

The Project

They undertake renovation works and wanted to set up a space where shoppers can rest and wait in a vibrant area. 
Being a busy shopping centre, they did not want a decoration that requires maintenance to keep on going effort and cost.
A simple and strong design that draws the eye that will bring a unique ambience to the building interiors is what they were looking for.

The Products

The team agreed to install 16 panels of 1m x 1m Tropical Fern - Custom Design Premium Vertical Garden and a Split Philodendron Artificial Plant. Custom designed and hand-made premium extra dense foliage was attached to a solid metal backing that can be cut easily according to the desired size or shape. Each panel is built to look like it’s an actual living wall without the maintenance. It is perfect for those seeking a lush green outlook with some touches of colour. The installer connected them together unto the wall using a drill, nails and hammer.In minutes the property transformed into a tropical space that exceeded their expectations.

The Tropical Fern panel is Fire tested according to Australian Standard with superior fire performance with a 0 flame spread rating. There was no complex machinery or equipment needed to install these vertical garden panels.

The Split Philodendron Artificial Plant is designed with great detail mixed with young and a bit of mature leaves with varying colors to catch the plant’s authenticity.It is secured by a simple black pot that matches with any color.

The Solution

Designer Vertical Gardens are one of the only companies in Australia that have fire tested a range of our Vertical Gardens by a reputable testing company based here in Australia. It is significant to consider that the green walls being installed is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deemed safe in commercial and residential use. We proudly affirm that our Bespoke Artificial Vertical Gardens are not only stunning but compliant with guidelines, regulations and laws.To make a space aesthetically pleasing in an urbanized city with concrete buildings all around, one of the effective ways is to add greenery.

A building structure incorporated by nature always stands out. In a shopping centre particularly where many people go, it can reduce the heat effect. The green facade has that relaxing and cooling effect that helps calm the mind and body, which makes it a perfect ornament in the breakout space of the hub. The variety of plants made the vertical garden design look stunning that expected to thrive in the space without any maintenance.


Customer: Karingal Shopping Hub
Budget: less than $7000
Product and Service: Installation of Tropical Fern - Custom Design Premium Vertical Garden and Split Philodendron