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Rejuvenating The Appeal Of Showrooms With Artificial Green Walls

artificial plants installed horizontally in office

Our Client:

Running their showroom in Melbourne, Victoria, the client wanted their premises to be on par with current biophilic trends. Customers spend more time in the showrooms that have breathtaking views and help them feel relaxed and at home. The client wanted to breathe life into their reception and make it feel more welcoming and magical for the visitors. A lush green wall adds elegance to the entire space.

The firm set out to find a solution that fell within its budget whilst creating a breathtaking visual statement and wouldn’t add to their maintenance costs.

managed office with furniture

The Project:

An aesthetic appeal is one of the most influential factors that bring new customers to your showrooms and determines if potential clients will stay long enough to purchase. Seeing a plain, lifeless reception can only hold their attention span for so long. Our client wanted to ensure that their front desk would add a ‘wow factor’ to their space, and truly engage their clients.

The Product:

The Designer Vertical Gardens team jumped into action upon understanding the client's requirements. They brought in many options that could help add natural-looking features to the showroom space.

The client finally shortlisted the artificial foliage of Bespoke Green Walls. Each plant of the artificial green wall is hand-crafted to perfection. Ultra-real plants with UV resistance that require negligible maintenance turned out to be the perfect solution. The metal backing on the panel makes it easy to customise and shape as per the requirements in the showroom. The UV resistant was important to the client, as they wanted to ensure high up windows with direct sunlight during the day wouldn’t cause their plants to face or crack.

The premium design helps decorate the space at a fraction of the price and hassle in comparison to natural plants.

The Solution:

Designer Vertical Gardens created a fresh, vibrant contrast to the building’s stark white walls. Our experts added a green wall and redesigned its periphery to create an attractive and colourful reception. With its rich and luscious look, this wall art became the centrepiece of the showroom. Its fire rating means it's safe for interior spaces too.

horizontally installed artificial garden