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4 reasons why Artificial Vertical Gardens are perfect for kids

4 reasons why Artificial Vertical Gardens are perfect for kids - Designer Vertical Gardens

Kids are naturally curious and inquisitive, all that eating of mud, dirt, leaves and digging for insects in the garden is what young children should be doing BUT..... Pulling leaves off your Gardenias, sticking hands into your rose thorns and ruining your lovely hedges leaving your garden like a dry and baron desert isn't quite as cute...

Here 4 reasons why Artificial Vertical Gardens are perfect for Children...

1. No thorns that stick or nasty pests that bite

-Sharp Plant thorns and leaves as well as nasty pests can be a real bug-bear for most families when spending time outdoors. Bees and Mosquitos can turn a day in the yard into a nightmare. Artificial Vertical Gardens and Wall Gardens require no water and do not emit a smell - so bugs are no longer a problem. Artificial Hedges also have no sharp/point edges or thorns, so there's no more worrying when the little ones run off!

2. Bright, Colourful and Natural appearance helping a child's development in private. 

-Brighter Colours are known to help a child's development as well as playing an important roll in a child's mood, emotional wellbeing, productivity, learning and behaviour. All of our Vertical Garden screens are bright and natural, helping children adjust to a natural environment around them for an early age. With our Wall Garden Privacy Screens, your little ones can grow up in their backyards, with no nosey neighbours prying in. 

3. Plenty of room for growth

-No need to worry, the plants won't grow. But your kids will have plenty of room to grow and play, as all of our Wall Panels are attached to Vertical Surfaces - and don't extend out too far from the wall. This means that there's more room for all the important stuff, and all the memories to be made. 

4. Non Toxic, ROHS Compliant and Heavy Metal Free

-All our products are completely safe. All of our Vertical Gardens, Artificial Wall Panels and Artificial Hedges and Privacy Screens are ROHS compliant - meaning that they are free from nasty heavy metals like Lead and Mercury. So there's no need to worry about your children and pets. 

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