4 ways Artificial Vertical Gardens can save you money!

4 ways Artificial Vertical Gardens can save you money!

We all know looking after your real plants can not only be a hassle but can be very costly. Here at Designer Vertical Gardens, we've worked out ways that Artificial Vertical Gardens can save you money - meaning you can throw those old dead plants away. 

1. Save Water

With Artificial Plants and Vertical Gardens - there's no need for hours of endless watering or expensive drip systems.

They look lush and green all year round - after all, money doesn't grow on trees right?!

2. No Need to replace dying plants

With Artificial Wall Gardens, going on a holiday or that much needed relaxing vacation is easy! No need to replace old, withering and dying plants when you get back - just because the plants got as much sun as you did!

Artificial Vertical Gardens will be ready and wait to welcome you into your vibrant garden oasis. What a way to say welcome home!

3. No expensive food and fertilisers

Weekend visits to the nursery are so calming and relaxing - but the bill for plant food and fertilisers isn't so relaxing. Plant food and growth hormones more expensive than a 4-course meal for 2 at a romantic restaurant! 

Artificial Plants need no food and fertilizers to look as fantastic as they do. Which means there's more money for you to take that special someone out for a romantic dinner for 2! 


4. No maintenance required 

Say goodbye to Vincent the gardener (sorry Vincent) - Artificial Plants require no trimming, cutting or watering - so there's more time for you to stand idly by and admire how fantastic your Vertical Gardens look without all of the money spent on making them look so great. 

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