Save On-Going Costs Using Artificial Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens do not need any weeding, watering, fertiliser application, or mowing. What even makes it more appealing is the fact that it will remain green for the entire year.

According to studies done by the BBC, it costs close to four hundred million pounds to take care of lawns and gardens in the UK each year. These are costs that can be avoided by choosing to invest in artificial vertical gardens.

Why should you invest in the artificial gardens from Designer Vertical Gardens?

The following are benefits that you stand to enjoy from installing our artificial products.

Using Artificial Vertical Gardens

1. You Get to Save Time

It is estimated that the average individual spends as much as two months of their total lifespan taking care of the garden. This is enough time for a majority of people to do away with natural plants and move to artificial.

Artificial plants comes with very low maintenance needs as compared to natural lawns. You no longer need to spend your weekends tending to the lawn, applying weed killers and fertilisers, or worrying about the hedges that have become overgrown.

Additionally, you no longer have to spend your time cleaning the floors after the pets and kids have dragged mud from the garden. The time that could have gone into cleaning your floors can now be spent on tasks that are more fulfilling.

Our vertical gardens are designed to remain green and neat from January to December, and you will only need to apply very minimal effort.

A artificial Vertical Garden Can Assist in Saving You Cash

Money and time-saving benefits go together when you have artificial grass installed in your lawn. Even though you will initially need to part with money for installation purposes, you can rest assured that this grass will last for a long time to come.

In the long run, you will end up saving money, as you will not need to purchase maintenance products required by real lawns like:

• Water bills for water used to water the plants and garden
• Lawnmowers
• Professional gardening costs
• Grass trimmers
• Weed killers
• Fertilisers
• Pesticides

From this list alone, you can see that there is a lot of money that can be saved when you choose to have artificial garden installed in your home.

Low maintenance often translates to the need to have or use certain equipment’s. When you do away with the need to trim, mow, or maintain your natural lawn, the costs associated with acquiring the machinery needed to perform these tasks are also eliminated. You will also not be required to spend money on accessories whenever an equipment breaks down.

Your bills, e.g., electrical and water are also likely to become cheaper as you will not have to water your garden on a regular basis or use the garden clippers.

Having real plants also comes with additional cleaning costs. Every time the children spend their time in the garden means you will have to clean off the dirt and mud that they bring inside. Purchasing the cleaning products contributes to increased costs. If you would like to enjoy some of these benefits, be sure to get in touch, and our team of artificial garden experts will gladly take you through all the available options.

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