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A Handy Guide for Artificial Green Walls, Vertical Gardens & Hedges

A Handy Guide for Artificial Green Walls, Vertical Gardens & Hedges - Designer Vertical Gardens

Your Australian Guide To Green Walls, Vertical Gardens & Hedges.

In this guide we explore commonly asked questions, and the basics when it comes to choosing your artificial plants. Given the wide range of sizes, colours, materials and qualities available it is important to understand the fundamentals before purchasing your next green walls. 

What are vertical gardens?

Artificial vertical gardens are made up of a series of fake plants mounted onto a backing material which can be either plastic or metal. The plants and leaves are then securely attached into a floral arrangement made for mounting onto a wall. They are typically modular and are hand assembled into a green wall panel

What are fake hedges?

Fake hedges are made using an internal frame which is the clad or lined with artificial foliage. Artificial hedge mats that come in modular forms are typically used to clad either a timber or metal box frame to replicate an artificial hedge using staples, cable ties or other fixing methods. The fake hedges can then be placed in planters or can be self standing. 

How do you install fake hedges?

Fake hedges are installed using a clip and lock system along the side each panel. Once clipped together you can install the fake hedge onto a vertical surface or frame using screws, hooks or staples. The panels will typically come as 1m x 1m panels, however, may also come in other various sizes?

how to install a fake hedge panel

Can fake hedges be used outdoors?

Fake hedges and hedge panels can be used outside, however, if you want to ensure longevity you should only use UV resistant panels. Many cheaper and more common products are not suitable for long-term use outside. Designer Vertical Gardens are UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use for many years. 

What is an artificial green wall / vertical garden?

An artificial green wall / vertical garden is modular panel with a wide range of artificial foliage attached to it which acts as a decorative wall covering. The green wall is designed to replicate a real vertical garden using a range of fake leaves, plants and flowers.

what is a fake green wall

How do I install a green wall?

A green wall can be attached to any vertical surface using appropriate installation parts. There are typically 5 steps to follow:

1. Measure the area and determine the number of panels required

2. Join or connect the panels together

3. Starting in the top corner line the first panel up with the corner of the area

4. Screw, adhere or attach the corner of the green wall to the corner of the wall

5. Continue affixing the green wall at suitable intervals to ensure it is securely attached and will not fall or flap in the wind

How to install green wall

Where can I buy fake hedges?

You can buy an artificial green wall from Designer Vertical Gardens online, or through their showroom in Moorabbin which offers a wide range of products from more cost-effective green walls to extremely dense and lush vertical gardens. 

What are the best fake hedges and green walls?

The best quality artificial green walls and hedges are dense (using more leaves per m2 than others), they are UV resistant and use real leaf technology ensuring the leaves look real, not cheap and plasticity. High quality green walls and hedges will use non-toxic plastics, and extra foliage. 

quality difference between fake hedges and green walls

Can I use fake plants outside?

Fake plants can be used outside however, the life-span of the plants will vary greatly depending on the quality of the UV resistance. Non UV plants will typically fade within a few months if they are in direct sunlight. UV resistant plants may vary between 12 months and many years depending on the UV quality of the plant. You should always confirm the plants are UV resistant if using them outside for an extended period of time, or use a UV protection spray. 

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