How Easy is it to Install and Maintain a Vertical Garden? Very Easy!

The main reason why more and more homeowners are opting for vertical gardens these days is surely the array of benefits they offer. These gardens are primarily loved for their easy to install nature; in addition, maintaining them is also an absolute breeze.

vertical gardens made easy

Installing Vertical Gardens is easy:

Vertical Gardens are made available in modular panels covering an area of 1 square meter. This makes them extremely easy to connect; you will need very little time to get your own green oasis ready. These artificial gardens can be used in different parts of your house. You can install them in vacant corners of your home’s or office premises where plants cannot be grown naturally. They can be used as plant splash backs for your kitchen. You can even install them on the walls of your bathroom to add that special designer touch.

The job of installing these panels makes a great DIY project. If you are looking to install the vertical gardens to a wooden fence, you will need a staple gun; for installing them to mesh or cyclone fences, you will need plastic cable ties; and for installing them to a hard surface, you will need nylon plugs or self-tapping screws. Those who are not very confident about using the above mentioned tools, have the option of contacting our expert team at Designer Vertical Gardens for getting all their installing questions answered.

Once installed, the garden would have an absolute natural appearance. Each one of our Designer Vertical Gardens is botanically correct; so they would never look life-less or fake. This life-like appearance would convince people visiting your place to wonder how you managed to have such attractive vertical garden. Some might also ask you how those trees managed to grow so fast.

Our Designer Vertical Gardens require little maintenance:

You cannot expect naturally grown garden plans to be 100 percent weather proof. While some plants you would grow tend to succumb to rain, there are others that are not fond of the scorching sun. So naturally grown garden plants require extra maintenance when the weather conditions are adverse. You will never face this problem if you install artificial vertical gardens in your place. These garden panels are absolutely weather proof; they get UV treated and are rainproof, which means you will not see them developing nasty cracks and getting discoloured even after constant sun and rain exposure. These features automatically make the artificial gardens highly durable. You will see them last for years with little to no maintenance.

These gardens will not require you to spend hours to cut and shape the hedges. This means, even if you are not an avid gardener, you will be able to have your home surrounded with luxurious greenery.

Another major plus of our Designer Vertical Garden range, is that they are completely devoid of any harmful chemicals such as mercury, boric acid, and lead. As a result, you can allow your kids and pets to play outside without being concerned about any possible health hazards.


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