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Cleaning Your Green Wall

Cleaning Your Green Wall - Designer Vertical Gardens
Cleaning your green wall


Many have turned to set up artificial gardening to beautify their spaces whether at home or in the office. Who wouldn’t? It can easily turn a vapid room into an exquisitely gorgeous space. One of the main reasons green walling has become super famous is because cleaning it is undemanding and effortless. Unlike living green walls, an artificial one requires low to zero maintenance. No need to stress about watering the plants every so often to keep them alive or trimming the leaves so they don’t overcrowd your space. So how do you keep that majestic green wall in its perfect condition?

Here are some tips you can follow:
In order to make sure you keep that artificial greenery in its tip-top shape, make sure you get your cleaning materials handy.

You will need the following, along with your

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Non-abrasive bottle spray
  • A small tub of Water
  • Compressed Air (optional)
Make regular dusting a Habit!
Whether you like it or not, everything static and unmoving will eventually collect dust. Use a regular feather duster or a wool duster to eradicate some of the dust particles that accumulated over time. If available, I would prefer using a wool duster over a feather duster as it has a combination of static electricity, lanolin and web of fibers that work together to not only remove the dust but attract them as well. Dusting may be tedious but keeping your green wall dirt-free would keep its beauty at a maximum level.
Spray and Swipe!
Now that most of the dust particles have been removed, thanks to the help of the dusters, you can now spray your artificial plants lightly with a non-abrasive cleaner. Our very own artificial plant cleaner is the perfect eco-friendly choice if you want something simple & easy. Not only will it remove any lingering dirt but the moist would leave a shiny look on your greenery. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess water. A Microfiber cloth would work best in this scenario as it creates electrostatic charges through its series of fibres that effectively attract and collect dust. If you don’t have it handy, I suggest you go out and buy some today. Totally worth the effort.
Water, Rinse and Dry!
Let’s face it, some dirt can be stubborn. Wiping sometimes just doesn’t get the job completely done. For areas with more unrelenting grime, you can use a tub of water preferably a warm one, to wash them off. Pat dry with a microfiber cloth to ensure all residual dust gets removed.
Air Dust ‘em off! Artificial green walls differ in size and design. For those who chose to be extravagant and got themselves green walls from floor to ceiling, cleaning may not be as easy. To clean those hard to reach places, a compressed air duster would be your best friend. This handy apparatus can shoot out a blast of air into small spaces or gaps to get rid of dust that would otherwise be virtually impossible to reach.
Remember, if you ever need expert advice on cleaning your artificial plants or artificial green walls Designer Vertical Gardens is here to help, simply contact us.

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