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Create Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoors with Artificial Hedges

Create Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoors with Artificial Hedges - Designer Vertical Gardens

Commercial and Residential property owners in Australia have begun using more artificial greenery for its various instant benefits. As more artificial plants, trees, green walls and hedges are getting popular, manufacturers also emphasise on making quality products that resemble nature in the best possible way.

Use of Artificial Hedges:

  • In the backyard of a home, including decks, balconies, and alfresco areas
  • Faux hedges are famous as front and side fences for homes
  • In offices, they are popular for reception areas, dividers, and walk-ways
  • They are in trend among designers and landscape architects for developing building sites and using them as temporary fences.
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars, childcare centres and other commercial spaces

Today, it’s almost inevitable not to notice artificial plants and hedges when visiting cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and other big cities. Artificial hedges have proved to be an effective way to brighten up outdoor spaces.

Create Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoors with Artificial Hedges

In addition to their aesthetic perfection, they are also used for creating borders and privacy. Along with it, there are some other benefits that encourage people to choose artificial hedges for the exterior of their property:


Achieving privacy for your outdoor area is not a big task; a low-maintenance fence can do the job. However, with artificial hedges, you have the freedom to bring aesthetic value to the space with your creativity. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, artificial hedges add aesthetic value to the space. The faux hedges make the small and dark spaces look large.

Minimal Maintenance:

Compared to natural hedges, there is almost no maintenance care required for artificial hedges. Artificial hedges do not need hefty irrigation compared to their natural counterparts, and Faux hedges are an excellent water-saving alternative. Due to climate change, securing fresh water has become essential for Australians today. Furthermore, natural hedges develop brown patches if they are not properly maintained. However, artificial hedges maintain their greenery and thickness throughout the years without facing such problems, and they keep your outdoor space blooming all year round.

Instant Transformation:

While natural hedges need time to grow into the desired shape, installing artificial hedges takes only a few hours. Most natural plants take around five years to grow to their maximum height. At the same time, experts from Designer Vertical Gardens can transform your outdoor space within just a few hours with the quick and reliable installation of artificial hedges. Artificial hedges can genuinely transform your outdoor space without compromising practicality and beauty. You get all the charm of lush greenery with the required privacy.

Durable and Long-lasting:

Artificial hedges last for a long time when manufactured with the finest quality materials. It’s a one-time investment that meets the aesthetic and privacy needs of your property for years. Choose UV-treated artificial hedges that stay green all year round and don’t fade.


Portable artificial hedges are excellent temporary barriers for hotels, malls, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. It also allows you to create intimate spaces within larger spaces for various types of events and is great as photo backdrops and displaying banners and promotional materials.

Choose Suitable Portable Artificial Hedges and Artificial Hedge Panels from Designer Vertical Gardens:

As a leading manufacturer of artificial plants, trees, hedges, and green walls, Designer Vertical Gardens offer a wide range of 1m x 1m modular artificial hedge panels. We also offer portable artificial hedge panels in different styles and sizes. All our products are botanically correct and available at direct manufacturer prices. Whether you need an Artificial Ivy Hedge Panel for an office or Portable Mixed English Artificial Boxwood Hedge for commercial property, we have you covered.

Whether you need a delightful outdoor backyard or need a sophisticated workplace designed with lush greenery, you can trust Designer Vertical Gardens for truly an inspiring transformation.

Please call us on 1800 960 565 for more information.

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