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Health Benefits of Greenery

Health Benefits of Greenery - Designer Vertical Gardens


artificial vertical garden

Does the color blue make you feel calm and relaxed? Does the color yellow make you feel anxious? While the color green surroundings somehow heal you from within? The fact is, colors tend to have an effect on our well-being. Artists and interior designers have long believed that colors & pigments can dramatically affect the moods, feelings, and emotions of people, as well as health. 

In our fast-paced community, making a living is not an easy task. It exposed the people to chronic stress & lack of physical activity which may, later on, result in various diseases. Thus, many people are taking some vacations and longing for nature therapy. Studies have shown that being outdoor stimulates our immune system and has a huge impact on our mental health.

Hold your horses! I will not ask you to pack your bag and find an epic trip to have a natural setting. Instead, will give you some ideas on how to bring nature close to your home and why you should have one.


  1. Better Mental Health & Functioning

Urban society demands sustain focus on the work or projects which occasionally lead to cognitive overload. Green spaces are the best killer of stress. It remarkably improves one’s capability and productivity, thus helps you to focus on your tasks/ projects.


benefits of green spaces
  1. Improved Mindfulness & Enhance Your Creativity

The natural setting has a great impact on the mood and cognitive function of an individual. Larger greenery in the neighborhood was associated with lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress.


artificial plants
  1. Improved Your Immune System

As we all know vegetation (trees, shrubs, and grass) reduce the effects of pollutions caused by road traffic and industries nearby. Small parks and green spaces help to improve air quality in urban residential areas.

 artificial garden wall











  1. Having a Vertical Garden Design

The vertical gardens are being increasingly popular in Australia. It is a technique to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel. This can be free-standing or attached to the wall which takes a limited space at your home.

There are various plants you can choose from in terms of designing your vertical garden according to its purpose. You can grow some veggies too if you like.


artificial vertical hanging plants
  1. Indoor Wall Garden

An indoor wall garden does not have to be messy and expensive. It is an easy DIY project that is budget-friendly. There are tons of online tutorials you can watch to help you decide in terms of design.

 artificial garden wall

Hotels and restaurants usually use artificial green walls design. Artificial it may be, but still provides sophisticated look yet very relaxing. You can also look for green wall suppliers to assist you in having your artificial green wall installed.

artificial garden wall

Establishments were using artificial ones for indoors because it is easy to manage and low-maintenance. Still, they are making sure to choose the extremely realistic pieces.

A hanging wall plant can also add a bit of living wall design to a smaller space or apartment.

  1. Outdoor Green Walls / Disc

Homeowners in Sydney are getting an artificial garden wall to have a funky aesthetic outdoor mezzanine. While others choose to have it to have a family-friendly, cheerful and contemporary style complete with a fresh, green wall of live plants. The design is limitless. You have to design it carefully so your other home décor will not be compromised.


artificial garden wall on outdoor space

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