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Indoor Plants & Greenery in Offices Improves Efficiency

Indoor Plants & Greenery in Offices Improves Efficiency - Designer Vertical Gardens

NOWADAYS, companies are being meticulous in terms of office interior refurbishment. It is not just for design purposes but more on providing a relaxing, efficient and flexible environment for corporate individuals. A green-friendly workplace also boosts employee engagement, concentration levels, and perceived air quality.

indoor plants & greenery in office space


Studies have shown that greenery in the workplace promotes positive effects not just for the employees but for the business as well.

Here are some tips on how and where you can use ‘GREENERY’ to improve efficiency in your workplace:


A sterile environment with cabinets, plain walls and documents everywhere are dull. Nobody wants to work in a place like that. Adding Greenery really improves the overall look of the surroundings.

artificial green wall

TIP: Biophilic designs are now being applied by many artists and interior designers. They integrate natural elements in every design by adding window vines or wall covering in a particular section of the office that will provide fresh and energizing looks. In Melbourne, many companies are having an artificial green wall in their reception area to look more welcoming and retaining office talent.

You can also make wonders by replacing the modern chairs in the community area with furniture made of wood.


Dull cemented office space is boring and tends to reduce the efficiency of employees. Providing a creative space where employees are comfortable to get their privacy is very important especially if they need to focus on a rigorous project.


artificial green wall in office

TIP: Install a fake hedge wall in meeting area/s or hedge fence panels in the canteen –this will serve an ergonomic division in the desired area. Blurring the boundaries between work and play to make the employees feel relaxed & encourage workplace flexibility.


A study has shown that looking at nature shifts our brain to a different status and makes employees feel calmer, creative and be able to concentrate on their duties.

Not all plants fit your work environment. The particular circumstances of your area, such as natural daylight and how it will be maintained, should be kept in mind.

artificial green wall

TIP: In Sydney, vertical garden design is on the trend. It is used in large meeting places to create an outdoor atmosphere that makes it calmer.

You can use artificial plants if the maintenance of real plants is difficult. Artificial plants, such as fake ivy walls are sustainable and can be added to the office aesthetics to make them look soothing to the eye. Also, you can mix both real and artificial plants according to the office design.

To conclude, adding green space at work has so many advantages. Plants can reduce stress, make you happier, increase productivity, improve the look of an office, improve the quality of the air and provide comfort. Choose your favorite plants and see how they make a difference while you're working!

Whether you just put a few plants on a desk or create an entire green wall, there are limitless options with green space design in the workplace.

If you’re considering altering your existing space and looking for design input, contact the nearest green wall supplier!

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