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Home Design Trends 2023: 12 Must-Have Ideas for a Stylish Home

Home Design Trends 2023: 12 Must-Have Ideas for a Stylish Home - Designer Vertical Gardens

What's popular appeals to our sense of aesthetics and way of life. Trends usually refer to a steady shift towards a new way of living. Changes are constant in life. And in 2023, we can look forward to what’s new and exciting with every coming day. There's little doubt that the unknown design ideas that excite us will emerge in 2023. However practical they may be, the 2023 home decor ideas will please even the hardest aestheticians.

There will be an interesting mix of new and returning trends in the upcoming year. Some of it will include the return of bold colours, natural stone surfaces, maximising natural light, and 60s and 70s home gardening influences — particularly in furniture design. Let’s have a look at some of such trending home decor ideas.

Expect Art Deco

    The fashion industry enjoys returning to old favourites. Since the interiors are moving away from the absoluteness of minimalism, we're witnessing a renewed interest in more decorative styles like Art Deco. Although hyper-maximalism may not be on the cards just yet, intricate details are becoming more popular. Expect Art Deco’s bold colours, geometric patterns, and symmetry to replace earlier interior design trends.

    Use of Artificial Plants

      With the popularity of faux plants changing the home decor aesthetically, artificial plants and green walls are used to beautify the home space instantly. These life-like artificial plants and fake vertical gardens that look ultra-realistic can give a splendid touch to your vacant space. These long-lasting artificial vertical garden walls, together with portable artificial hedges and fake ivy rolls and panels, can green up your home garden space.

      artificial vertical garden wall

      Despite replicating nature, these UV-resistant indoor and outdoor fake plants, when placed in your artificial vertical garden, can truly transform the area. They even help create boundaries between two specific places in your home or office space.

      Workplace is Redefined

        Whether at home or in an office, the workplace has been redefined. Yes, now we see these spaces with highly individualised designs and more comfortable and stylish furniture layouts. The indoor turfs with sophisticated rugs to help anchor the furniture in a room and some artificial plants at the nook create a cosy, intimate space. This elite workspace gets a happy makeover to increase its use and employee productivity, especially if you work from home.

        Maximise Natural Lights

          The more we learn about what improves human well-being, the more we try to include those amenities in our home interior - where possible. Natural light is one aspect that is magnified in current and upcoming designs. With large, bare windows, whites, and shiny surfaces, there is a renewed emphasis on maximising natural light. And why not? Natural lights can improve our mood, concentration, and sleeping patterns and pours positive vibes into us. Moreover, it also helps us gain Vitamin D.

          Return to Noir

            As the rooms grow more distinctive and personalised, we often indulge in what is unique but represents our personality. Since Gothic designs are undeniably more dramatic, using them is tempting. Though these gothic styles are more intriguing and have multiple layers, they offer more than just dark hues. Sweeping drapes, arched mirrors, artwork, and opulent chandeliers are standard but can be both remarkable and quite livable when given a modern spin.

            Nostalgia Infused

              The coming year promises soft edges, dramatic accents, and comfortable pieces in every style, making your home decor even cosier. Interior wall designs can bring a sense of nostalgia. We saw a wave of coastal wash over our wall interior in 2022; we will yet see similar eye-pleasing soft wall colours. Pastoral pastels or bucolic artwork will add a poetic touch to the interiors.

              Say Yes to Curves

                Arcs and round shapes have been replacing the traditional square or rectangular interiors now. Tulip and egg chairs, circular rugs and crescent sofas gradually took centre stage. Now, in 2023, just say hello to such architectural details, oval mirrors, mushroom lightings and nightstands. Include cabinets and credenzas with a curvier outlook to stay in line with the latest home decor trends.

                Include Alcoves

                  Niches and alcoves worked great for highlighting the artwork some years ago. These unique architectural features are regaining attention. Adding the visual interest of the home decor, these alcoves and niches are now widely used to display the corners of the space, helping create a zen nook. It just emphasises the furniture or the decor within.

                  Opt for the Imperfections

                    Organic, handmade, and local are the best when it comes to 2023 home decor trends. Raw yet refined quality is what the future holds. Exquisite craft with unique pieces will set your furniture apart. Experimenting with size, scale, and proportion can produce stunning results. In contrast to the traditional choice, oversized lights and bold-coloured laminates can grab anyone’s attention to a particular space. But the annual result of the decor must not go out of the way; they should gel well with the remaining settings.

                    Tiered Monochrome

                      Keeping the furniture and decor understated will also make memorable spaces. A monochromatic interior could have any one shade, and you can feature slightly different shades of the primary colour while textures and shapes create a visually interesting space. The tiered monochrome creates a calm and stable atmosphere.

                      Go Sustainable

                        Sustainable, recycled, and ethical are vital topics in all walks of life and the home decor trends of 2023. Every year, more homemakers and entrepreneurs are learning about sustainable practices and what to do regarding the planet's health. As a result, trendy interiors look different from those of the past. Unlike trends on their way out, these eco-friendly looks will stay fresh for many years.

                        We will see an increased use of green materials and organic surfaces in upcoming projects, from residential to commercial. Moreover, giving more importance to sourcing and reusing materials will refine the shape of designs, and a natural and clean interior will precede the earlier intricate options.

                        Positive Layout

                          A layout can make all the difference in an interior. Free flow movement is essential for a positive atmosphere, and that’s why a positive layout is one of many interior design trends of 2023. Adding artefacts based on the principles of feng shui, wabi-sabi, ikigai, and japandi aesthetics will significantly impact interior design.

                          In a nutshell, even though the decorating trends for 2023 are varied, they all can bring a sense of elegance, beauty and comfort to your home style in the coming year. It's one way to admire tomorrow's trends and also an approach to incorporate them sensibly. There is certainly balance in 2023 interior design trends as some lean toward decoration while others toward neat aesthetics.

                          You may have to search places for furniture or other accessories to get that aesthetic touch to your home decor. But finding artificial plants from Designer Vertical Garden is rewarding with various options. As Australia’s leader in providing artificial greenery, we provide artificial plants and fake vertical gardens for your home and commercial places. You can order these faux plants online and deliver them fast and free at your doorstep Australia-wide.

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