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How Do You Decorate Walls with Fake Ivy?

How Do You Decorate Walls with Fake Ivy? - Designer Vertical Gardens

Nature has a very unfamiliar way of attracting our minds through its mesmerising and captivating flowers and plants. From the exotic and intricate orchids to lush green ivy adorning the walls of a cafe, flowers and plants are everywhere you look.

Many people try to fulfil their urge to bring the beauty of natural ivy inside their homes or workspaces. But they may find it challenging to maintain real ivy due to its fast growth and care requirements.

This dense plant can get out of control quickly, growing through cracks and seams, causing severe structural damage.

As an alternative, fake ivy provides a convenient and low-maintenance solution to decorate walls without the concerns of real ivy's rapid growth and potential damage.

Fake ivy, also known as artificial ivy, can be creatively used to bring a touch of nature indoors, adding a charming and rustic feel to any space.

What Materials Are Used to Make Life-Like Artificial Ivy?

Artificial ivy is designed to mimic nature down to the last detail. To achieve this, manufacturers use a combination of high-quality materials that replicate the natural elements of the ivy.

While the materials vary between different brands and quality levels, common materials used to make life-like artificial ivy include:

  • Durable and UV-resistant PE material
  • Environmentally-friendly pigments and dyes
  • Glue and adhesives

Different Types of Artificial Ivy Products?

  • Artificial Ivy Green Wall

An artificial or fake ivy green wall is a panel or mat covered in lifelike synthetic ivy leaves and vines. It is designed to be mounted on indoor or outdoor walls, creating a lush and visually appealing vertical garden.

The fake ivy wall provides a natural and vibrant backdrop, ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence

Artificial ivy privacy fences are screens or panels made from faux ivy vines that offer a decorative and functional solution for privacy and screening purposes. These fences can be easily installed along existing fences or structures, instantly transforming them into a green and attractive barrier.

Artificial ivy can act as a great medium to block unwanted views while adding a touch of greenery.

  • Artificial Ivy Vines

Artificial or fake ivy vines are individual strands or garlands of faux ivy leaves and stems. They are versatile decor elements that can be used for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Whether draping them along stair railings, hanging them on an archway or using them to accentuate interior spaces, fake ivy vines add a natural touch without the maintenance requirements of real ivy.

Let’s explore the art of decorating walls with fake ivy and unlock the secrets to creating a lush, green paradise within your indoors.



How To Decorate Walls With Fake Ivy

Step 1: Choose Your Fake Ivy Wisely

Before embarking on your fake ivy wall-decorating venture, it's essential to select the right fake ivy for your space.

You can find various artificial options in the market, ranging from the variegated and lush fake green leaves to the individual veins, curling tendrils and stems.

Consider the colour, texture, and length of the ivy strands. Opt for high-quality faux ivy that closely resembles the real thing and feels soft to the touch.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Once you have the perfect fake ivy, it's time to gather the necessary materials. You'll need adhesive hooks, nails, or command strips, depending on your preference and the surface of your wall.

A measuring tape, scissors, and a level are essential tools to ensure precision and a polished look.

Step 3: Plan Your Ivy Placement

Take a moment to visualise how you want your space to come alive with the ivy's green embrace.

Whether you desire an ivy waterfall cascading down one corner or a delicate ivy border adorning the edges, planning your ivy placement is key.

Consider the lighting and other decor elements in your room to find the most harmonious arrangement.

Step 4: Prep Your Wall

Before attaching the fake ivy, ensure that your wall is clean and dry. Remove any dust or dirt and patch up any if it has any cracks.

Place the ivy on a smooth and plain surface, such as a painted wall or a wooden board, for a more durable installation.

Step 5: Begin the Ivy Affair

Now comes the fun part - bringing your vision to life!

If you're using adhesive hooks, stick them at regular intervals along your desired fake ivy path. For nails, gently hammer them into the wall, leaving enough space to loop the artificial ivy around them. If you prefer command strips, follow the instructions provided.

Step 6: Artful Arrangement

As you start to drape the fake ivy, remember to embrace nature's asymmetry. Allow the faux ivy to meander naturally, mimicking the way it would grow in the wild. Intertwine the strands around the hooks or nails, securing them in place gently.

Step back periodically to assess your progress and ensure the ivy flows effortlessly.

Step 7: The Finishing Touch

With your fake ivy in place, stand back and admire the decorative piece you've created. Intertwining them seamlessly will leave your guests wondering if they've stepped into an indoor garden oasis.

The Future of Artificial Ivy

As technology continues to advance, so does the world of artificial ivy. Researchers are constantly experimenting with new materials and manufacturing techniques to create even more realistic and sustainable fake ivy products, such as fake ivy vines.

In the future, we can expect to see artificial ivy that responds to environmental cues like natural plants, allowing it to sway in the breeze or change colour with the seasons.

Parting Words

Decorating your indoor walls with fake ivy offers a delightful solution for those seeking low-maintenance greenery. With its realistic appearance and endless creative options, fake ivy allows us to reconnect with nature, no matter where we reside.

At Designer Vertical Gardens, we want to make sure that you find the best quality artificial ivy for your space.

As Australia’s leading artificial plants and flowers supplier, we take pride in offering only the highest quality of artificial ivy while ensuring our environment benefits from the use of earth-friendly materials.

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