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How to Make Fake Plants Look Real

How to Make Fake Plants Look Real - Designer Vertical Gardens

Tips to Make Your Faux Flowers Look Real

Artificial plants are becoming increasingly popular across Australia. They allow you to create visually stunning spaces instantly. They need no fertilisers, watering, or sunlight to maintain their beauty. However, there are a few things that you can do to make them look natural and more attractive. Here are a few tips for maintaining the timeless appeal of your faux plants:

Know the details about your favourite natural plants:

The more you know about your natural plants, the better you can determine the quality of the faux plants. If your favourite plant is a lily, you will know what to look for in an artificial lily plant. From the quality of stamens, pistils, leaves, and petals, you can tell whether the fake plant resembles nature perfectly or not.

Invest in quality artificial plants:

You should avoid buying poor imitations of natural plants and invest in carefully designed, gorgeous, and realistic faux flowers. To determine the quality of a fake plant, you should check whether the blooms look natural, have real-looking stems that bend easily, have life-like leaves, and have more natural-looking centres of flowers.

Select the suitable vases and containers:

Vases made from the finest quality raw materials allow you to experience the perfection of your faux plants up close. From planters and hanging pots to commercial pots, there is a range of options available that are designed not only for visual appeal but can also withstand direct sunlight, cold, rain and other harsh weather conditions. Quality pots and planters will help you achieve aesthetics with a natural look.

Fake flowers look more natural with imperfections in the arrangement:

You should not be afraid to cut the stems to make your faux flowers look real. You want your flowers to look more authentic. When you cut the stems, they can easily fit into the container, and natural flowers do not stand perfectly straight, and you can always notice a soft drop on the sides of the vase. To achieve this natural effect, slightly bend the stems of your artificial flowers to give them a natural look.

artificial plants in workplace with rack

Select the location carefully:

Avoid placing your artificial plants in dark corners where there is no access to light. It gives away that your plant is not natural. Select the area which has sufficient access to natural light. It will create a positive and vibrant environment and make the faux plants look real.

Add a few other natural elements:

Adding a few natural elements to the base of your fake plant is one of the easiest ways to make it look natural. You can use soil, dirt, sand, moss, or rocks to give your artificial plant an organic texture and natural realis along the top of the pot.

Be kind to your faux flowers:

Quality artificial plants are designed to last longer and require no maintenance, but they need a certain amount of upkeep. Don’t keep your fake flowering plant exposed to direct sunlight without using a quality UV protection spray. You can clean the fake plants using an eco-friendly artificial plant cleaner. Fake plant cleaners, made from premium quality cleansers and essential oils, help you maintain the natural look of your fake plants for a long time.


Remember these handy tips to make your faux plants as good as natural plants. Knowing a few details of the real plant will help you buy quality artificial plants. It would be best to buy vases and containers to complement your artificial plant. You can arrange your plant by bending and cutting to give them a nature-inspiring look. Place your plants where there is sufficient access to natural light. Fake plants look more accurate when you add natural elements, such as dirt, soil, rocks, and moss. To maintain their beauty, you can include quality UV protection spray and artificial plant cleaner in your maintenance care.

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