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Vertical Gardens: Which Garden Is Ideal for Me?

Vertical Gardens: Which Garden Is Ideal for Me? - Designer Vertical Gardens

The increasing demand for vertical gardens has led to an increase in the number of options available to clients. But how do you know which vertical gardens or hedges are best for my next project, business, or home? Below, we take a look at the various types that are available and provide you with helpful tips that can make selection easier. 

Begin by Asking Yourself What You Would Like to Achieve

fake wall garden

At Designer Vertical Gardens, we always advise our clients to start by asking themselves what it is that they are hoping to achieve. Are you interested in livening up your living room area? Do you want to add colour to certain sections of your office? Do you want to enhance privacy? Or are you in need of greenery that will not require regular maintenance?

What you would like to achieve is critical, as it influences the choice that you end up making. 

What Can You Achieve with Vertical Gardens?

Growth Effect—if you want to make it look like there is something currently growing in your home office, consider the artificial ivy. It is ideal for this kind of task.


Dense Coverage—do you want to add greenery to a large or wide space? We would recommend that you try out the Bespoke Artificial Vertical Gardens. Artificial panels are ideal for use when you are interested in covering a wall with a fresh, bright green colour that not only provides great coverage but is dense as well. This vertical garden is recommended for exhibition displays and yogurt shops.

The Perfect Hedgeif you are more interested in a garden that is well-aligned and is weather resistant, consider the boxwood range. When you have this on display or in your garden, you will no longer have to worry about trimming. The vertical garden comes in varying sizes and shapes to meet all your gardening needs and is ideal for adding privacy to your home.

Realistic Green Wall—the vertical garden is made using a combination of green and yellow mashed up using the latest technology to provide you a perfect green wall. Do not be surprised at your guest’s reaction when they realise that this wall is in fact artificial. The vertical garden panels are recommended for patios, fences, and walls.

Tropical Look—do you love the jungle? You can create your own tropical wall using our green tropics vertical gardens. They are a combination of plants placed together in a single screen to provide a tropical look. You could also add a fake palm to the garden to help bring the space to life.

Elegant Feature Wall—the white oasis is best for that person who wants something that looks sophisticated, polished, and has depth. It is a beautiful garden wall featuring a combination of green plants with delicate white flowers to come up with a feature wall stemming from different exquisite styles.

Bright and Colourful—a spring sensation artificial vertical garden can assist you to add some colour to your office or home. It comes with a light tropical feel which helps you and your clients remain buzzing throughout.


close of shot green wall

Still not sure on which vertical gardens are best for you? Get in touch with us today, and our team of experts will help you come up with something unique for your space or next project. Our team will assist you to deliver a good conversion that you will be proud of.


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