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Living Room Decor Ideas: 10 Awesome Ways to Beautify Your Space with Artificial Plants

Living Room Decor Ideas: 10 Awesome Ways to Beautify Your Space with Artificial Plants - Designer Vertical Gardens

The decor and aesthetics of your living rooms are a reflection of you and your family, it’s arguably one of the most important rooms in the house where you spend the majority of your time. While making the most of the space is a common goal among all kinds of homeowners, everyone also wants their living room to make a visual statement.

And artificial greenery is one of the easiest, cost-efficient ways to create a warm, welcoming environment for your living rooms. With the help of artificial plants available online, you eliminate the hassle of watering, pruning and maintenance that comes with natural plants for sprucing up your living spaces.

Whether you wish to create a visual statement in your living room or add some character, here are 10 amazing ways to beautify your spaces with artificial plants.

Creating a Wall of Cute Artificial Ornamental Plants

Get creative with succulents and other artificial ornamental plants. Whether you have a bare wall in your living room or want to decorate the spaces around your TV, hanging small terracotta pots is one way to create the illusion of floating plants. You could also use small geometric pots or minimalistic designed miniature wooden pots to create a modern representation of artificial greenery.

Indoor plant wall decor ideas

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Hanging Planters on a Wooden Frame or Grid

If you want your space to host free-spirited aesthetics and create a Boho interior, you can hang a wooden frame or grid on your wall. With the help of this frame, you can use anything from DIY solutions to planters to create an array of artificial plants or mix it up with some vines and give your living rooms a Bohemian vibe.

Floating Shelves Filled With Artificial Greenery

Floating shelves are another way to create the perfect indoor wall garden. Whether it’s a hexagonal grid of floating shelves or you set up horizontal platforms across your wall, depending on your preferences, you can put up all kinds of artificial plants and flowers onto those shelves. Furthermore, if you wish to add some colour to it, you can bring a few artificial flowers to make the wall pop-out to life.

Wall Decor

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Filling Up the Empty, Unused Spaces

No matter how hard you try, some spots remain empty or unused all around your house. While these spots might not be a big deal in the other rooms, they present a huge opportunity to upgrade your living rooms. Placing artificial plants of different heights around such spots or setting up a small shelf of artificial flowers and plants can really change the entire aesthetic experience of your living room.

Adding a Pop of Colour With Table Pots

Bringing your living rooms to life with artificial greenery is one thing. Still, you could also use the vibrant hues of artificial flower arrangements and add a few shades of the rainbow to coordinate with the style and patterns of your furniture, curtains and other elements in your living room in Australia. Even something as simple as an artificial tulip in a glass vase, a few stems of lavender or maybe a veil of artificial bougainvillaea can make a massive difference if set up correctly.

Accentuate the Furniture

Set up a few artificial plants beside your furniture to make it pop out. Whether it’s a velvet sofa in the centre of your room, the coffee table or a shelf lying around in the corner of your living room, all of them will look much better when accompanied by fake plants or flowers of contrasting colours.

Creating a Picturesque Window Frame

Some people are lucky enough to find a house with a window that offers them a mesmerising view of the scenic skies, gardens or the neighbourhood. For the other people that have ended up with a window facing a less-than-picturesque wall or alley, artificial greenery is here to save the day. You can change your entire view by hanging a few artificial plants or vines in front of the window. While at it, you might as well set up a full-fledged artificial garden around your window frame to create a picturesque window frame in your living room.

Breathe Life into the Walls

Do you know what’s better than boring, mundane walls? A wall filled with artificial greenery creates a warm, welcoming environment that’s cosy and earthy. With the help of an artificial green wall, you breathe life into your walls and create a bold, impactful visual statement for your living rooms.

Fiddle With the Corners

All houses have at least one windowless and sunless corner that feels like an isolated part of your home. These corners are often neglected and left as is, which spoils the aesthetics of your entire living space. You can place a few fake flowers, shrubs or small plants and fiddle around with the corners of your Australian homes, adding some greenery here and there.

Wooden Geometric Sections to Display Plants

Whether you want to get crafty and create a few wooden sections of geometric shapes that complement each other or keep things simple, hang a few artificial green discs around your walls, here’s another way to bring your walls to life. Although artificial green plants and walls are becoming the norm in Australia, there’s nothing stopping you from taking over with your creativity and creating a masterpiece of artificial greenery of your own.

Indoor plant wall decor

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Giving your living room a makeover with artificial greenery is now easier than ever. Adding greenery is one of the best ways to go about interior decor in recent years, as we are surrounded by a concrete jungle no matter where we go. At Designer Vertical Gardens, we wish to bring this hassle-free greenery to the masses, helping them live in greener, more vibrant and livelier spaces.

Our artificial greenery is made with the highest quality, UV-stabilised materials, protecting it from fading or cracking in the sun. Our products are 100% recyclable and are made from ROHS-safe materials for your safety. As one of the leading artificial plant suppliers across Australia, we ensure our products are durable, safe and reliable. Our artificial greenery is family and pet-friendly. Get in touch with an expert from Designer Vertical Gardens for more ideas on how we can bring your spaces to life.

Call us at 1800 617 341 or drop an email at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au for more information.

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