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Top 18 Simple DIY Ideas to Create Indoor Vertical Gardening

Top 18 Simple DIY Ideas to Create Indoor Vertical Gardening - Designer Vertical Gardens

Who does not love growing beautiful plants to make the home surroundings more vibrant? Plants are good not only for the environment but also for the well-being of the people. But the common problem people face nowadays is the need for sufficient space for extensive gardening. The indoor vertical garden is one of the best innovations to make the small open area look more appealing.

Often referred to as living green walls, moss walls, and live walls, vertical gardens have been around for a long time. Growing plants vertically on a panel, either self-supporting or attached to a wall, is known as "vertical gardening." But natural plants demand regular watering, fertilising, pest control, sunlight and much more.

Compared with natural plants, artificial vertical gardens demand less work and provide more benefits like low cost and maintenance. Thus, these realistic-looking fake vertical gardens have gained popularity amongst homeowners and interior designers in Australia.

You can grow flowers or plants on a trellis, a tower of pots, or garden netting in a faux vertical garden. There are numerous options for setting up an artificial indoor vertical garden, from herbs and perennials to annuals.

Let us learn some eye-catching indoor vertical garden ideas that are perfect for your small spaces.

  • Succulent Frame Vertical Garden

Select a wooden frame that fits well into the desired wall. Fill the frame with artificial succulent plants of different shapes, colours, and sizes. Since these fake succulent plants last long and need low maintenance, they are the best home decor item. It would look lovely in a bedroom or on a dining room wall.

  • Hanging Planter

When you run out of floor space, a DIY hanging planter can add greenery to your home. With plenty of varieties, from ferns to orchids, these magnificent hanging plants can add depth, colour and a sense of serenity. You can hang them on pots or baskets through a rope and hook to brighten up your balcony or window of the room.

  • Indoor Ladder Garden

An old ladder is an excellent solution for growing several indoor plants in a small area. Lean your old ladder against the wall and use it as tiered shelves for plants. On the ladder steps, you can build shelves with wood planks and set flower or plant pots on them.

artificial vertical garden

  • Tiered Hanging Pot

This DIY tiered hanging pot can uniquely display your fake plants. You can use unwanted wooden pieces, rope, and flower pots. Begin by creating a square with a wood plank, then trace the lip of the pot on the wood and drill a hole along the traced area. Now, place the flower pots on these squares and bring the beauty of nature to your space.

  • Lattice Vertical Garden

A lattice can create magic if you have a large blank wall in the house. Take sturdy, lightweight planters that can hang from the trellis and place them around the lattice so that you can rearrange them whenever needed. Hooks are necessary to attach or remove them.

  • Vertical Miniature Garden

A small vertical garden on your balcony is perfect for your small apartment. Take a wooden plank and nail it to an empty wall. Fill vivid coloured pots with soil and fake plants, and nail them on the wooden plank in the vertical position. You are all set to transform your balcony into your favourite spot.

  • Iron Grid Pot Planter

Weld the iron rods and make a wall grid or arrange them in any desirable way. Paint the iron grid in a pastel shade, so it shines behind the green plant, and hang the pots vertically. You can create a focal point of a particular space of your home this way.

  • Small and Large Pots

Set some small planters with life-like green plants like pothos, bushes, cactus, ferns, and many more to make a statement in your space. You can take things to the next level by placing large artificial plants and setting up good lighting, highlighting your home's dark corners.

  • Bottled Vertical Garden

Time to use old mineral water and soda bottles. Take old plastic bottles and make a rectangular cut on them using a utility knife. Fill these bottles with soil and the faux indoor vertical garden plant of your choice, then line them on balcony railings or a wall. You can securely tie them with twine and create a beautiful vertical bottle garden.

  • Chalkboard Planter

Take a chalkboard and hang it on your kitchen counter. Fill the planting frame with soil and plant and angle the frame in a position of your choice. Family members can demand their favourite dish by writing on it, creating a delightful yet modern home environment.

  • Air Plant Vertical Garden

Take the wooden board, hammer the nails in it, and ensure that there is enough room to loop the string around them.

Tie the string to one nail and start wrapping in a pattern. When finished, insert the air plants into the string's web. Repeat the same process with other wooden boards. Finally, fasten each board to a blank wall.

  • DIY Strawberry Tower

When there is less space to create a garden, the strawberry tower is an ideal way to transform your home’s entrance. You can make it from unused plastic piping and cut it into tiny sections. Place some tiny indoor artificial vertical plants in it and then stand up the whole thing in the weighted clay pot.

  • Upcycled Wooden Pallet

You can create a magnificent wall unit of potted plants by reusing the wooden pallet. You can lean it near your favourite nook, put faux plants and flower arrangements, and add an extra flair to the room’s decor.

  • Stand-Alone Wall

This indoor vertical garden is great for showing off your beautiful faux plant collection while taking advantage of the available space. The number of artificial plants on the wall looks realistic and adds an aesthetic touch to the space.

  • Shoe Organiser

A shoe organiser makes a cute and inexpensive planter for growing vertically indoor plants. Attach the organiser to a wooden or PVC frame or a piece of lattice to protect the wall. Put fake miniature plants directly in the pockets as per your choice. You can experiment with plant placement whenever you like.

  • Upcycled Dresser

Don’t throw out an old dresser; fill it with soil and shrubs of various sizes. Stagger how far the drawers are pulled out to create a cascading waterfall-like effect.

  • Tin Can Fence Garden

Spray-painted tin cans make for absolutely adorable fake vertical gardening, not to mention highly affordable planters. It can be a fun yet relaxing place watching the green plants with the prettiest pops of colour from both flowers and pretty painted cans.

  • Tire Garden

A tire garden is an upcycling project in which you can convert used or recycled tires into planters that can hold various plants, from vegetables to flowering shrubs. You can set up a tire garden by filling a used tire with soil and then planting shrubs or plants of your preference. Stack the tires to create raised beds or use single tires as separate and contained planters. Add a pop of colour by painting the outside of the tire planters to match your fake vertical garden design or landscaping.

fake vertical garden

If you’re ready to uplift your home decor with green beauty, try these indoor vertical garden ideas to fill your small space. Whether you hope to add a splash of colour to your living room with artificial plants or create a dedicated space to enhance your home decor, get in touch with Designer Vertical Garden.

As Australia’s leader in providing artificial greenery, we provide artificial plants and fake vertical gardens for your home and commercial places. Whether you want artificial vertical garden discs or boxwood hedges to decorate your home balcony or wall, we have you covered.

Our collection of nearly natural-looking artificial flowering plants can make a fabulous addition to your home. You can always choose the plant as per your choice and the one that suits the climatic conditions. Our environmentally friendly modern garden pots are the perfect choice for anybody wanting a low-maintenance pot for either indoors or outdoors that will last for years.

All our products are ISO-certified, REACH, and RoHS compliant, which proves that our products are healthy and environmentally friendly. Our online shopping is 100% secure, and we offer fast delivery on all your orders.

If you are looking for stunning greenery to boost your home ambience, call us on 1800 960 565 or email us at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au for more information.

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