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Vertical Garden Basics and What They Are NOT

Vertical Garden Basics and What They Are NOT - Designer Vertical Gardens

An artificial vertical garden is a green wall system comprised of interlocking panels of fake plants.

They are put together in sections,by fixing the back of each panel to your wall surface with self tapping screws, nails,or any other attaching methods which may also include cable ties.

artificial vertical garden disc
artificial vertical garden disc


Vertical Gardens offer a wonderful way to refresh your living space, inside and out. From boosting privacy to enhancing small outdoor areas, to making any home feel more lively, vibrant, and peaceful. It is space-saving and a sustainable addition to our cities as well. Besides providing an aesthetic appeal to our walls, the upkeep is also minimal.

artificial green wall in living room


The lovely vertical gardens populate the walls of resorts, restaurants, shopping centres and even public buildings in several cities.

They use it to transform the interiors of their space, to their bare fence, kitchen renovation or to simply beautify a mundane wall.

artificial green wall


Artificial vertical gardens are often a great choice when you need constant greenery (for example a retail display, cafe or foyer) - no one likes to see a dying wall or gaps with dead plants.

artificial green wall


It is also equally important to understand that artificial vertical gardens aren’t the same as a living wall, some of the key differences are:

  • Not a hassle to manage They don’t need watering, sunlight, weeding out grass - you can put them just about anywhere and literally forget about them.
  • Not expensive Artificial Vertical Gardens offers solitude at afar lower price than the organic or natural living  wall because it requires no maintenance such as fertilisers, gardeners or having to get other plants when the organic ones die.
  • Not allergy causing You can enjoy an always fresh and beautiful green wall without having to worry about airborne allergens that some real plant produces. The green walls we offer are free from toxic heavy metals that many other ‘cheap & nasty’ suppliers use, such as: mercury, lead, boric acid and formaldehyde. 
  • You don’t have to wait for results With living green wall, it often takes several weeks or  months for the plants to grow into a green oasis. And in the long run, your vertical garden will look sparse and underdeveloped. With artificial vertical garden systems, you will enjoy instant greenery and permanent results.
  • Not limited to a few selections Unlike real plants that you have to consider if it will thrive in your area or weather conditions, since Artificial Vertical Gardens are made of high quality plastics, they are expected to withstand harsh weather conditions. And because of this you are  not limited to a particular design and style. There's a fantastic wide selection out there for the style that you want to achieve for your living space.
Artificial Green wall

Artificial Vertical Gardens besides providing a wonderful  and pleasing aesthetic to the walls, have various benefits. You will also find many dimensions, colours, and structure so you'll have a number of alternatives to select the kind of artificial wall which you enjoy the most and suits your style.

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