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What Are Artificial Vertical Gardens? Its Benefits, Cost & Steps to Install

What Are Artificial Vertical Gardens? Its Benefits, Cost & Steps to Install - Designer Vertical Gardens

Faux vertical gardens are a popular design element in both residential and commercial spaces. People put them in their homes, businesses, and even public structures. But why are people so fascinated by these structures that go against the traditional way of gardening?

Since people increasingly live in smaller areas, enlarged traditional gardens aren't always feasible. Artificial vertical gardens occupy less space than real ones since they don’t actually require pots (optional) and soil. Additionally, these fake vertical gardens are an excellent way to improve air quality, provide sound insulation and cooling effects, and add beauty to any setting. With the continuous growth of the green movement and the popularity of indoor plants, installing their substitute - artificial green walls are becoming extremely popular.

Mainly designed with artificial plants and flowers, these faux vertical gardens are easy to maintain since they do not require weeding or watering, unlike living plants. Artificial plants can be fitted in both interior and exterior areas; hence they are widely used to decorate homes and offices. Let’s see how these fake gardens differ from the real ones and some more reasons behind installing them compared to the living garden and their design ideas here.

The Difference Between a Living and a Fake Green Garden

Although the environmental benefits of a real green garden are reducing the pollution from building interiors, they as a natural coolant for buildings. These long-lasting, more sustainable natural gardens provide a range of benefits for the workplace, environment, and local community. Plus, they also offer the benefits of good mental health for those that are working around or within them.

Now, even if the living gardens are extremely advantageous, the cost of maintaining them is huge. The living plants must be replaced, watered, and constantly looked after; cleanliness must also be considered. So, the time taken to achieve a beautiful green garden is immense. Another downside to living gardens is that they need soil or other messy products to survive, where allergens are usually present.

Their alternative, fake vertical gardens, are becoming much admired and sought-after nowadays.

In contrast to the living garden, these fake plants are more cost-effective and neater with minimal upkeep. No need to wait for plants to flower or replace dying plants; all that is needed is occasional dusting. They may be designed with beautiful colours that offer serenity and peace of mind, just like the living gardens do. No wonder these easy-to-install artificial green gardens have been much favoured recently. Let’s have a quick glance at some of their other advantages also.

Benefits of Artificial Vertical Garden

1. Low maintenance and cost

Taking care of plants can be time-consuming, especially if you choose to grow plants from seed. It can take a long time to see a flower bloom. You must water, control the temperature, kill pests, and often have to sweep the fallen leaves every day during the season-turning time.

But artificial vertical gardens won’t keep you waiting that long. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about watering or weeding; you only need to dust the artificial garden occasionally. You can easily wash them with a hose if you live in an open area.

2. Long-lasting

Artificial plants can survive in various weather conditions and last for many years. They can stay showroom fresh for an extended period without fading if taken care of and well-maintained. But real plants naturally die after a while and can be prone to pests and diseases. However, it is essential to note that not all artificial plants are weather-proof; some of them are susceptible to extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, frosts, wind etc.

3. Versatile

Since the space needed to keep artificial vertical gardens is minimal and available in any shape or design, they can be kept anywhere in the house or office. You can also cut artificial plants or the faux vertical garden wall in any size you want and get them customised to fit in your desired space. Thereby creating the attractiveness you want with no time-consuming maintenance and cleanup.

4. Create A Calmer Space

Studies reveal that simply looking at greenery can benefit your eyes and calm your mind. A green environment can encourage relaxation and reduce stress, positively impacting blood pressure and muscle tension. Thus, a lush artificial vertical garden wall can significantly benefit your mind.

5. Beautify Home Decor

Artificial plant decor makes your home fascinating, creating an attractive ambience to your home. Placing tall potted plants on empty floors of corridors, entrance ways, lobbies, and the corners of living rooms can help form a good vibe to your home decor.

6. Noise Reduction

The artificial vertical garden panels can be installed as a screen to create a private space. The research says that plastic artificial leaves can reduce the level of ambient noise in a space, giving you the peace required in the office.

7. Free of Allergies

Artificial plants do not trigger allergies compared to natural plants and don't need pest control measures, creating a pollen-free relaxing ambience for pets and allergic patients.

With such benefits, approaching Designer Vertical Garden is the ideal solution if you are based in Australia and want fake plants or to create an artificial wall for your home or commercial place. As Australia's leader in artificial greenery, we provide artificial plants and fake vertical gardens that look ultra-realistic. Now the question comes about its installation.

artificial vertical garden installed at salon behind relax chairs

How to Install a Vertical Garden?

Setting up an artificial hedge panel or artificial garden wall can be simple and easy. But careful planning and measurement are necessary to avoid the frustration and over-spending of money.

Be it timber, concrete, stone, metal, or wire fencing, the installation methods may differ depending on the wall surface you attach them to. Designer Vertical Garden’s artificial green walls are the perfect DIY project to install.

  • You need to double-check and calculate the space area to be covered with an artificial green wall.
  • Calculate the length and width of the wall and decide how many panels you would need. Most of Designer Vertical Garden’s panels are 1m x 1m, so it’s pretty easy to calculate; some panels are 90cm x 90cm.

Let’s understand the steps needed to install the panel on various surfaces here:

1. For Timber/Plaster Wall Surface

  • No special tools or fixings are required - a few items you might have at home or can easily be obtained from your local hardware store, like staple guns and staples for timber or plaster surface.
  • Hold your garden panel against the wall/surface you are attaching to and align them directly with a staple gun or just by stapling them on either side of the grid backing.
  • Repeat the process for attaching more panels.

2. For Concrete Surfaces or Walls

  • You would need just a hammer drill, a hammer, nylon plugs and washers if needed.
  • Drill about 5 mm deep in the surface, then line up a corner of the grid on the back of the panel with the hole in the wall using nylon plugs.
  • Add plugs wherever necessary and then hammer the head of the plug until the nail cannot be seen, which will allow the panel to blend with the wall easily.

3. Cyclone or Vertical Bar Fencing

  • Only cable ties are required to grid the panel around a vertical or horizontal bar of the fence.
  • Push the cable tie around the grid of the panel and then pull it tight to ensure it remains perfectly in place and won’t flap around. It is the easiest way to hide that ugly fence or get more privacy.

However, you can contact our experts at sales@designerverticalgardens.com.au for guidance if you have some trickier-sized areas to cover.

How Much Does a Vertical Garden Wall Cost?

From hanging plants to large-scale artificial trees, these clever space-savers are priced on the size or style and the quality you require. You need to plan for the initial budget, ongoing costs and your willingness to invest in a purpose-designed planting structure.

  • The Size

    If you only want to cover a small part of the area, you would require fewer plants. If you consider the larger area, the more it will cost you to cover it with artificial green plants or faux vertical garden wall panels.

  • Quality of Panels

    Higher-quality artificial garden panels will cost you more. If you're on a particularly strict budget, you might not find a long-lasting green garden for your walls or fence.

  • Fake Plants and Flowers

    The cost of faux plants and flowers depends on the type of material used to prepare them. For example, silk plants cost more than ordinary plastic faux plants.

How to Maintain the Artificial Vertical Garden?

Maintaining artificial green gardens is reasonably cheap since they don't require weeding, watering, or fertilisers. This artificial greenery will not need sunlight, soil, fertiliser, or trimming; thus, regular care will be a thing of the past.

Artificial green gardens are mainly composed of silk and plastic plants.

  • If you have a fake plant or green wall of silk plants, be sure not to put liquids on them. However, you can use a duster or dry cloth to wipe them down.
  • Plastic plants for the faux green wall are generally preferred mainly due to their durability and strength. You can use water or a showerhead to clean faux plastic plants. You can also use a non-abrasive window cleaner or multi-purpose spray to make these plants look more refreshing.

Unique DIY Artificial Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Whether you're hunting for decorating ideas for a dreamy backyard or budget-friendly small garden ideas for your home, it's time to start the decorating process. Some of these ideas are DIY-based - from potted hanging planters to engraved pots for small places or balconies.

  1. Upcycled Vertical Planters - You can reuse trash bins as planters to dress up a wall or fence; all it takes is rope or twine.
  2. DIY Vertical Plant Stand - Since this stand is outdoors, they help make an attractive nook in your space.
  3. Hanging Planters - Patterned hanging planters are sure to recreate the vibrant look of the vacant area.
  4. Wooden Pallets - Beauty lies in this pallet's simplicity; you can use the hanging cup holders as planters and arrange them in a fun pattern on a wooden mount.
  5. Asymmetrical Fence Garden - Use the same colour and size planters for your flowers and then nail them to your fence in an asymmetrical pattern; this will be an excellent option to create colour theme decor.
  6. Water Bottle Planters - Don't throw empty bottles or cartons away. Cut open the bottom to place your plant and paint faces on the bottle's front. Use the rope to dangle them anywhere in your indoor or outdoor space.
  7. Shoe Organiser Garden - Reuse your old shoe organiser as planters. Hang it on the fence or wall, and fill the compartments with soil or dirt to display ferns, vines and other forms of greenery.
  8. Succulent Shutters - Lean the shutters against the wall and fill the slots with mosses or succulents, a fantastic method to display your greenery.
  9. Raised Flower Beds - When you don't have room for a garden plot, a raised garden is a better option. Set your storage tools on the bottom and let your blooms soak up the sunlight on top.
  10. Stacked Recycled Tyres - Turn your old stacked tyres into colourful flower pots. Spray paint them in your preferred colour, use cardboard as your base to keep soil from spilling and plant your blooms inside. Stack them on top of each other for a layered look.

Apart from all these ideas for your indoor and outdoor space, Designer Vertical Garden’s pots and planters are perfect for artificial or living plants. They are made from recyclable materials (plastics & concrete) and are durable and thus are preferred by gardeners and home decorators. Available in different colour combinations, sizes and shapes, our range helps quickly transform your vacant space into a lively one. These pots will look lovely with our imitation dark and grey stone or the imitation green, white, red, and white marble. You can check out our wide selection of pots and plants here.

Our products are botanically correct, earth and family safe. Our dedicated staff are qualified specialists in customer service, design and production management. So, we are ready to assist if you ever need after-care support, pre-production inquiries, or simply want design advice.

We provide free delivery on all your artificial plant orders, and our online shopping is 100% secure.

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